You will get secret lodge offers if you happen to guide on the telephone as determined chains supply reductions they cannot promote on-line

Before you can make your reservation at the next hotel, it is best to make a phone call first.

Many are now offering addresses and discounts to encourage people to stay, some of them may not be able to advertise online.


You can have a change room, only if you callFunding: © Bevan Cockerill. All rights reserved.

Some of the biggest and most lucrative chains would not dare to advertise cheap commercials online without tarnishing their image of the resort.

However, calling them can see you earning more than ever as they look to fill the following rooms.

Jane of HOSPA, who recently launched the Sleepover to Help Turnover scheme which provides free gifts and discounts to guests at the hotel, spoke to Sun Online Travel on how to get sales following the closure.

He explained: “Families need to look where they want to go and just call the hotel – they can have some great ads that they can’t advertise but they can give you.”

Applying for a discount over the phone rather than online can get you more information


Applying for a discount over the phone rather than online can get you more informationFunding: Getty – Affiliate

“You don’t get big names branding in public because they don’t want to ruin their brand or get their prices back to normal, but if you invite them you can get something good.”

He also explained that repeating the S sleepover to Help Turnover would get you a trade if the hotel signed the conspiracy.

“More than 100 hotels are on the list,” he explained. “Some of them are also chains so there’s a lot of choice.”

The scheme, which allows hotels to sign up to offer their products or services, includes everything from free champagne to dinner. free room upgrade.


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