You Can Now E-book a Getaway at One in all Australia’s Three Board Sport-Themed Vacation Houses – Concrete Playground

Maybe you need to know your fixed skills during the closing, or maybe you are just a baller with Draw Four Wild Card. Either way, your interest in the game is about to find its final match because Australia has just got three seats, with three special games at night. Meet, Uno House, Pictionary Palace and Scrabble Shack.

The gameplay has reached the Sunshine Coast and the Blue Mountains, with the help of Mattel Sports Company and people at Each house can be stored for up to two nights and is stocked with lots of utensils, merchandise and other game equipment – yeah, think, Uno pajamas, Pictionary and Scrabble pillows. And, of course, there is a game-winning series, not just Mattel’s handful, but special colors. That said, these are beautiful little panels, with a simple design like bathrooms, fireplaces and comfortable beds.

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Uno House is hidden on the shores of Sunshine Coast hinterland, boasting of wooden legs, Uno-themed throwing blankets and what looks like a primo dining room on a game night. Meanwhile, in the Blue Mountains, Pictionary Palace is filled with four rooms, a beautiful garden and much more of the Pictionary swag. And not too far away, the wooden cabin has been remodeled like a Scrabble Shack, hidden among the trees and filled with Scrabble-themed art from wall art to letter cookies.

Reservations for three escapees have just opened, which is why you need to be a runner if you want to throw some board games and open them. In particular the residues offered here. For the next few days, the price per night is reduced to the equivalent of the game price. For example, the Uno train will cost you $ 10, so booking the Uno House is a simple $ 10 each night.

Bookings for the House of Uno, Pictionary Palace and Scrabble Shack are now open, starting Friday, October 23rd.

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Libby Curran

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