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Are you a blogger or a writer who is well versed in professional blogs or natural writing? If so, why not share your thoughts with our online feedleader? At Feedleader we are committed to providing our readers with the most up-to-date information, which is why we like to find new writers and welcome them to write for us. We are always happy to review well-written articles to help this page help our readers to keep up to date with the latest articles from around the world. We are also guaranteed by Google News so anything you write to us will register as soon as possible.

If you would like to write to us about the latest financial news, any interesting events happening in the health or environmental sector, business, trade, medicine or travel and international events we would like you to help us on our page.

We would love to receive your post, but like most things in life, there are rules you must follow before posting your content.

  • All guest notes submitted must be 600 words or more
  • All guest posts must be new and not available anywhere else
  • Articles should be the following topics, health, life, business, environment, technology, finance, and social media.

If you would like to keep these rules and would like to send us a pen or blog article please send your inquiry to our editorial team at: [email protected] and we will review your post.



Best Themes for Guest

If you do not know what to write for guests, we have created a list of Feedleader ideas that can help you in providing our site:

To walk
They prospered
Problems Around the World
Digital Money

If you want to write to us about not mentioned in the list, guest bloggers are welcome to create new ideas that will delight our readers.

Suggestions for Posting Them As You Write to Us

Many foreign writers sometimes have difficulty finding new ideas in guest writing. The number on your guest post is a good start. If you are a reputable author and already know the topic you want to submit on this page, here are some of the best titles that work best for guest bloggers:

  • 7 best ways to help the environment
  • The right choice: 10 easy ways to stay healthy while living a busy life
  • 14 great ideas for living at Christmas
  • 10 worst ideas for business

As you can see from the point of view of the headline of guests, in order for our readers to participate, we follow certain rules ourselves. If you would like to write to us the rules that apply to the topic of guests are the following:

  1. Show your readers a clear and interesting interest
  2. Use positive or negative words as good or bad
  3. Use the number on your head
  4. Use words or phrases as “easy ways”

Please tell us what you think on our page and how we can do better. We always receive your answers and questions. Contact us, write to us, or just get to know our latest and latest guest news. We are here to work with you anytime: [email protected]

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