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Set your goals and plan your trip alone or with others you find online at TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online). Like Tiny Multiplayer Online – or TMO – players meet more frequently than MMOs making the meetings an integral part of the game. No matching test lines were created for the game – instead the Book of Trips will become a real world, where you may be frustrated by events and unexpected characters.

Join The Book of Travels and be a part of the charity work that does not get you involved. Inspired by the high standards of this genre, this is a hopeful journey that allows you to live in a world of legends … and I am invited to participate without the restrictions of missions and the surrounding lines. Have the freedom to travel in the wild and the picturesque cities of Braided Shore Island. Drive through the very depths of this hand-drawn world, dive into its hidden gems or unlock many of its secrets. There is no ultimate goal, no real beginning or end, but for people who die on a tree, it can be high.

Braided Shore is a big and challenging world, but meetings with other players are very limited and your chances of meeting them can be very special. Choose to work together or to survive on your own, in any case, you will be part of the birth of an online fun group, where many stories will be told.

But beware: This is a game of walking and walking and may not prepare your way. Instead, it is up to you to play your part and plan your trip. Whichever way you choose, just add your headings to the Book of Travels.

Travel for the first time through the iconic land of Book of Travels in the first video tour of the game. Join Director Jakob Tuchten in the 30-minute game as he discusses ethics, marketing, skills and much more.

A special kind of game

The Journey Book invites you to travel to the world of life, to rest – to start and make a special person and explore the places you choose. Travel in the wild for free as well as the picturesque towns of Braided Shore Island and walk inland. It stumbles on its secret place or reveals its secret. There is no ultimate goal and no real beginning or end, but for people who die on a tree, it can be high.

Character Creation – Select Form

The design is different from other interesting RPGs in that it offers a wide range of detail and production – a technique designed to benefit the most successful and well-known. Each character begins his or her life as one of the chosen forms, each that comes with certain sporting qualities and skillful interaction. With other background choices, personality, skills, abilities and form, Forms are designed to help players create a game and enjoy their ideas on their game.

Selling – Just moving without Money

Trade in Book of Travels was designed as a key element in a player’s journey, scattering him with a number of trade-related activities such as finding, collecting and directing items. The fees are prohibited, which is why many legal transactions take place in exchange for merchants and other NPCs around the world. remote areas are very important. But the player’s pocket space is limited, and he will need to fill it with various items to avoid doing bad things.

Wrestling – Critical times, heartbreak before the war

The Book of Journey is a well-known fact but it is not without its challenges, and its fighting strategy is developed with an emphasis on a difficult, heart-wrenching time before the war. Trouble is built in a unique way that allows players to put up their swords, showing their readiness to fight. In this battle, the player has a few seconds to get to know their Team and Ward, which are the two main ones used in combat. When faced with this situation, players must quickly decide whether they want to shoot or stand back.

Key features:

  • Real-world play and personal styles: Choose one of the Form 20+ detailed design templates that focus on personality and identity rather than numbers and classes. The game allows you to play with style that matches your character and sets your goals. Are you a risk taker, a magician, or a compulsive gambler?
  • Unlimited Story That Does Not Affect You: Your Adventures will provide you with many experiences that will make your story unique, and each section will be different from the last one. Peel the back of different parts and get a deeper world.
  • TMO – Tiny Multiplayer Online: Some players are few, but your paths can cross – it’s up to you to decide whether to walk together or go on your own. Find a car to get to a remote area or just walk through one of the forests. The absence of groups and cultural groups makes your temporary relationships unique and memorable.
  • A beautiful world of uncertainty: A complex and unique world inspired by ancient myths, myths and legends and the early industrial era. Tons of amazing items that unlock items, characters, deep world secrets, and hidden game modes.
  • Connect using symbols: Learn to use special symbols to connect with other players. Open new landmarks when you come across new sites and locations (for example, you’ll find a “city” icon as soon as you visit a city). Reducing connections lays the foundation for more and more opportunities.
  • New RPG modes: Introduce your character by unlocking and realizing 300+ skills, magical abilities and wonders that can greatly affect your character and unlock various experiences in the game. Learn more in a variety of ways: by researching, being polite, collecting and selling. Wars can be rewarding, but you will learn more from defeat than from victory.
  • The world is a hand-drawn diorama: Learn the ‘painted’ game viewing details in more detail. Click to navigate like old school RPGs but in a more immersive-3 environment.
  • Commitment to the world – all together: Might and Delight Studio is fully committed to making this possible on earth and for a long time – with you. Like the master of the prison we will talk about new miracles, but it will be up to you, the players, to let us know what we need to investigate. In addition, we will be adding new sections, making the world bigger, and adding new characters as well as thousands of movies and events. Stories will change and change and new stories will follow.

Travel Book we will be coming to Steam Early Access in Q2 2021.

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