Within the Title of Love: Prime Anniversary Locations

What better reason to record a lifetime trip than to celebrate a wonderful event with a friend?

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Author: Jemima Forbes

Whether you want to relax on the peaceful beach, walk hand in hand as you walk through the picturesque cities or just outdoors, there are plenty of magical places suitable for love birds. In addition to finding the time for yourself, vacations give you the opportunity to remember new things that will last a lifetime and discover more about the amazing world together!

We are looking for our favorite places around the world to love each other, from the old days that are always in the middle of years of high festivals to the unexpected choices that you may not have ever considered on a family vacation.

Skye Island, Scotland

Isle of Skye trips

Located on the solid West Coast in Scotland, the Isle of Skye is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a complete escape.

Cross the bridge from the top to Skye and you will be taken to a magical place with myths and legends. There are plenty of opportunities to walk in amazing places, including fun waterfalls like Madam Fairy near Glenbrittle.

The coastal town of Portree is a residential area in Skye and has an interesting restaurant where you can catch local fish. Thinking of renewing a promise on your journey? There is no better place than the 14th-century Eilean Donan Palace located a short distance back.

Udaipur, India

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Dreamy rivers, beautiful palaces, and lush green hills are what make Udaipur (India’s Love City) one of Asia’s most popular destinations.

After leaving the northern part of Rajasthan, it is also known as the City of Lakes because of its various waters, including the Great Pichola Sea. In addition to hiking around the Aravalli Mountain Range and enjoying a boat ride on the water, romantic visitors to Udaipur will have plenty of places to join. Crème de la crème should be a 400-year-old City with its beautiful artwork and beautiful gardens, where you can stay on your trip!

Elsewhere, you can trade in the city market, drink in the garden of Jagmandir (the other royal palace of Udaipur), or ride on horseback around the lake, but not surprisingly.


You may be forced to find the most beautiful place in the world than the Seychelles! A trip to the beautiful Indian Ocean islands is without a doubt one of the best vacations for families, especially if you follow a little R&R.

Its small islands, such as the Fregate, Saint Anne, and Desroches, offer a wide range of romantic events – sunsets, sand patrols, and helicopter trips to the clear white sea. Larger La Digue is the site of the Anse Source d’Argent jawbone, where Bird Island is a must-see for nature lovers. Starting a trip to the Vallée de Mai in Praslin is a wonderful experience in the Seychelles. The park is owned by Coco de Mer – the largest nut in the world!

For couples who like to enjoy their culture, the large island of Mahe is ideal. Spend the morning seeing the beautiful Victoria (the capital of the country) before tasting the tea plantations on the island. Enter the beachfront lunch at Beau Vallon before descending from the beach to one of the little hiding places to catch a snake and breathe the sun.


Salsa dancing, hot food, and cities full of beautiful architecture – a few places will inspire your hearts more than Colombia!

South America is one of the best places to remember married couples. Check out the contents of the eternal love book of Gabriel García Márquez Love during the Cholera in the colonial Cartagena, or head to the peaceful town of Barichara with its many restaurants and restaurants.

Participating in a dance class in a hot family Cali is one of the best things in Colombia. Alternatively, enjoy a relaxing time together on the sleeping coasts of Isla Mucura or in the biodiverse rainforest in Tayrona National Park. Columbia is one of the world’s largest emeralds, giving you a good idea of ​​your partner’s celebration.


Beautiful-medieval castle-Sully-sul-Loire.-famous-Loire-Valley-river-France

Few places are competing with France for their love affair! Undoubtedly one of Europe’s most memorable places for married couples will be spoiled for choice with its beautiful cities and dreamy landscapes.

Paris, dubbed the City of Love, was built for dating and is a great look at leisure. French bistros that make champagne and good food at candlelight tables are ideal for special meals. Afterwards, you can walk around the winding streets of Le Marais and Montmartre, pick up the city’s huge monuments and light up the moon and go to sleep at night in a little wine bar.

Beyond the capital, Loire Valley is a beautiful country, scenic area, with beautiful vineyards where you can share a bottle of fine French wine (or two). And there is the tropical French Riviera with its beautiful seaside restaurants, bright Mediterranean landscapes, and major cities like Grasse. Known for its aromatic texture, take your love there to create its own scent!

Are you ready to go on a journey that will end your friend’s breath? Go to our travel guide for a two-way trip.

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