Will Scotland grow to be the brand new ski vacation spot? | World information

The Scottish Mountains could have been unexpectedly affected by the Covid-19 plague. With British skiers who are afraid to go on vacation and visit one of the most popular destinations in Europe, travel experts are predicting a DIY ski ride, which could be good news for Cairngorms.

“Obviously there would have been a lot of uncertainty about what would happen in the winter,” said Rob Stewart, founder of Ski Press PR, a customer representative at the ski gaming industry. “A lot of people see December – and I’m talking about athletes in the UK – being the subject of a ski run. This is mainly due to the uncertainty as to when the restaurant will be open, and the provision of technical advice to the outside office for all non-travelers. ”

Stewart said most tour operators left the market in December while others decided to have a “super cute” moth throughout the season. “That’s why everyone traveling in December will need to make a DIY brand.” This could see many people choosing to drive to the French Alps instead of flying. A recent study states that 27% of skiers want to travel to Europe this winter via Eurotunnel compared to the usual 7%.

Scottish ski ski shows

Another route is to the north of Britain. “The issue is that skiers are interested in going to Scotland,” Stewart said. “But even though I love Scotland and the slopes, we have to be honest about the ski holidays in Scotland. And it’s not the Alps, even close, it’s unparalleled. It’s a harsh place, the weather is unpredictable and the snow is huge.”

Angus Maciver, general manager of Ski Club in Great Britain, also believes that more people have gone to Scotland. SCGB has now started offering holiday holidays at Scottish restaurants. “We think it’s going to be skiing in Scotland and if people are willing to wait until things get better they can have some experience in Scotland,” he said. “We also think this is a great opportunity to go downhill and indoors on the UK.”

Maciver said he believed there would still be a “different era” in the Alps but people would see a difference. “Some restaurants will not be high-rise, they will all have limited space in restaurants, which can make things difficult during busy times, and there will be fewer afterwards.” The advent of the vaccine could have a problem at the end of the season, says Maciver. But that hope has left many people playing the game of waiting, and three-quarters of Britons say they can’t make ski vacations until four weeks before they’re ready to go.

If British winter fans fail to hit European ski resorts this season, it could disrupt the industry, Maciver said.

“There will be a lot of organizations that can’t survive in a season without money, especially because of refunds or vouchers that paid last season,” he added.

“It will be difficult for all of us in the UK ski industry, as we have continued to evacuate vacations when transportation is open, and we have rent and fees to pay – and we will not have a vacation if current laws remain in place. ”

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