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UK plans to leave EU Customs Union and Market Only on December 31, the Brexit transition period ends on January 1, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know about your passport, including the need to renew it.


The rules surrounding passport validation are different now that the Withdrawal agreement has been approvedMoney: Alamy

Do I have to renew my passport before I go this year?

Brits do not need to renew their passport before heading to Europe in 2020, as long as it is still here.

Brits are encouraged to check their passports, however, many are expected to finish the deadline and release will take longer than usual.

Families do not have to reserve any leave of absence if their passport is not valid, as the amount of the document will be different.

Modern exchanges run until the end of the year, meaning that British passports remain unaffected.

All burgundy and blue passports are valid, as long as they are for the day, so you should not change your burgundy passport.

What happens after the change?

From January 1, 2021, the change period will expire, which means the new passport rules will apply.

After the change, Brits may need an additional 15 months on their list, which means you need to review if you need a new passport before traveling.

In the past, Brits who renewed their pre-existing passport can take up to nine months for their new passport – so a new passport can last for 10 years and nine months.

However, these additional nine months are not eligible if you are traveling to the EU, and with Brits also needing six months for a passport to be able to travel, this brings an additional 15 months of passport requirements.

    The rules regarding passport validation will not change once you travel to Ireland


The rules regarding passport validation will not change once you travel to IrelandMoney: Alamy

The UK government explains: “You must have at least six months before the adult or child passport to travel to many European countries (including Ireland).

“If you have renewed your most recent passport before it expired, additional months may have been added to the expiry date.

“The additional months of your passport for more than 10 years may not be the six months required.”

Do I have to get a visa before going to Europe next year?

Brits do not need a visa to travel to European countries on vacation, during or after the change.

However, you can stay in Europe for more than 90 days in 180 days.

If you are going to Europe to work or study, you must apply for a valid visa in that country.


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The Brits will no longer be able to use their EHICs after Brexit, which has access to health care in EU countries.

Travel insurance is recommended for all European holidays, especially after the transition period.

UK is also removing the traditional burgundy blue passport instead.

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