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Along the Lower East Side, find New York Citys only one cart and a literature cart. Brittany Bond, founder of Common Books, has always wanted to open a bookstore, which is why he only uses wheels. Bond sets up a shop in Seward or East River Park, a place where they are all welcome. They have books for women that are great, especially for the general public. Bond is so grateful for his poems, writings, and books, “there is something of great value about them.” Unlike gemstones and rare gemstones, the availability of books that Brittany Bond sells is what makes them so valuable.

The clever idea of ​​creating a bookstore hit Bond when he realized the flexibility of the Vending Policy in New York. “Whether it’s political or artistic or literary, you don’t need the permission of the business of… establishing a team of professionals.” He is especially grateful for the early changes in the Constitution which, in combination with the word, religion, and peaceful assembly, give the people freedom of thought.

ordinary books- books written for women

A small black cart with an information box. There are famous female writers, such as Jamaica Kincaid, Elizabeth Bishop, and Doris Lessing, to name a few. Bond is a proponent of the word that many women write about in books. “A lot of the shame in women’s writing is that they only write inside things.” Interior fiction is a type of literature that arrived in the 19th century but became more popular during times of great frustration over cheap paper. Internal issues are characterized by fast, reliable movements, which are usually male and female at risk. The Alliance opposes this false notion, using the clear language of its feminine books as a barn. Dear Bond and Alice Walker in Search of Our Mother’s Gardens; a list of articles that best describe feminism. The study examines the struggle for women of apartheid in the 1970sLiberation Movement Group.

There is a certain amount of books that Bond sells; They must be writers on paper. “It can seem confusing because I sell posters because a lot of internal notes are written on paper,” he says. However, the medium is ideal for readers who are traveling on the subway, hoping to wash clothes, or stay in the park. In addition, Bond states that “in some places around the books, there is a lack of care,” which has made the books more accessible to more people. Bond wants issues to be accessible to everyone and to every individual. “You don’t have to break your back to read a book.” Paper notes reduce the gap between knowledge and people.

More Books in NYC

As a progressive author of best-selling books, Britany Bond is a pioneer. Using Common Books as a vehicle, Bond promotes the idea that books are not selected locally or by anyone else. Instead it is common; it’s about the people.

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