Why The Phrase For 2021 Is ‘Resilience’ And How It Impacts Psychological Well being

‘Resilience’ is the word for 2021 because it means hope, faith and potential.

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Towards the end of December, it has become the norm for word-pickers to describe their experiences throughout the year. After the Collins Dictionary opened its annual theme: closing – “setting strict rules for travel, socializing and accessing competitive places” – I passed a post with Thrive Global CEO and CEO and Thrive Global Arianna Huffington. The article was titled, “And the Word of the Year Is. .


In his remarks, Huffington disagreed with the choice of words, saying that perseverance is what allows us not to retaliate but to move forward: “There is one voice that speaks of 2020 and revolves around, in depth, what it has shared with billions of people this year,” Huffington said. “The word is stable. Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘the ability to recover from adversity; resilience. The disappearance of an object or object to regain shape; to thrive.’ It is a condition that allows us to deal with difficulties, obstacles, difficulties and difficulties, rather than being overcome by What makes me so confident is that my year is because, unlike the exception of people with STIs and coronaviruses and isolation from other people, endurance is the only thing that will be needed after the epidemic. Stability is the key to all the challenges of 2020. And it is also the one that continues to grow in 2021. “

What Is the Greatest Work of Words?

Some people may ask, “What’s the big deal?” But words have great power. They direct our thoughts and emotions and can bring us hope or disappointment, especially when billions of people around the world try to come out and just go through the gruesome epidemic and mental health. A report by the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America found that about 8 out of 10 adults report a pandemic, and 60% are overwhelmed by the problems they face in America. Complainants are said to have risen 18% in March, 29% in April and 42% in May. According to a recent CDC report, 41% of Americans suffer from health problems such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse related to the epidemic. These are frustrating numbers, but it is important to remember that, while our need for resilience is eternal, so is our human potential.

    Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, takes ‘power’ as her annual saying.

Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, takes ‘power’ as her annual saying.

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I agree with Huffington. The words chosen this year have more power than ever before. Given the challenges of 2020, it is not difficult to see the urgent need for this stable year. And I am adding resilience as my choice of words for both 2020 and 2021. Why? First and foremost, workers and everyone in the world need the courage to move forward in the face of the epidemic. Again, many of the words chosen by the ironclad – such as closure, plague or coronavirus – fall to the ground, reflecting the limits of human compassion known as the “magical fall;” whereas, endurance involves hope, hope and rebirth. Third, courage brings greater opportunities and greater potential than any other closed word, meaning a meaningless road.

Fork Road

Huffington’s daughter, Isabella Huffington, wrote about the connection between suffering, perseverance and spirituality in her first book, Map to the Unknown, which was released as The First Amendment. It tells the story of what happened when he was hit by a bicycle on the streets of New York. What started as a conflict became a three-year traumatic experience, as well as a shift in mental and spiritual transformation to learning to rely on the universe and its inner voice. “When something stupid happens that our minds cannot explain or justify or correct, it is a fork in the road, a moment of choice,” he writes. One fork is going to despair and doubt the universe (which is my first choice), or if you don’t believe in anything as wonderful as God or nature, you can double the meaning of life without meaning. Or you can choose another fork: from the deepest meaning to the most trivial things in your life. You can let your loss and pain be a catalyst to take you away from anything unnecessary and bring it to your heart. ”

Isabella’s wise words are a gentle reminder that we always have choices, even when we think we don’t. It is a reminder of the Stoics, who taught that even if we could not control the external situation, we could still choose how to react. And he recalls the inspiring medical experience of Viktor Frankl while imprisoned in Auschwitz and other camps during World War II. In his old book, Man’s Search For Meaning, Frankl described his imprisonment in prison, in which he said he chose to be free: “If we cannot change what we want, we are given the opportunity to change ourselves… Anything can be taken away from a person but one thing: final freedom humanity – choosing what one would like in any place, choosing one’s way. ”

Frankl’s internal rights helped him to escape the Nazis, and to find meaning in his adversity and empower himself. His famous words have helped millions of people to overcome obstacles to this day. This is the bold part, which is why I vote as the annual and 2021. The vote gives us hope and confidence that we always have the power to make choices, no matter how difficult things may be.


American Workers And Stability

If there is anything that is needed for American workers to achieve mental health in 2021 it is hope, hope and hope for the future. As Huffington puts it, “Strength does not reside within us; just as we can learn new skills by practicing it, we can train ourselves to be more assertive.” Some people at work are born with a sense of self-worth, less stressful and adaptable. But no matter where you fall, it is possible to develop endurance.We can all set our sights on the New Year and learn to choose our thoughts and actions in the coming year as before.

“This year has been a sad one for many – a year of great loss and grief,” admits Huffington. “And yet, what science and intellectual perseverance show us is that, as tragic as this year has been, the long-term consequences for our lives and for our team as a whole have not been fixed or stabilized. It is a common practice on television to say goodbye to 2020. But our goal should be more than just by 2020, which will pass no matter what we do. The new year will inevitably come, but what year will it be? What lessons will we take with us to make them a year of hope and potential? How will we be transformed from our experience? This is up to us. And the more we invite others and strengthen our motivation, the more we can move forward in a new and better year. ”

Arianna Huffington and Bryan Robinson will appear on Stability for 2021 September 9, 2021.


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