Why now is a superb time to ebook a future cruise trip | Travel

We’ve experienced a long and cold winter with COVID-19 cases, but there are plenty of places for those looking for a vacation on the world’s waterways.

It’s a good time to reserve a vacation. No, maybe not in February or the holiday season, but maybe in the summer, early fall or later.

Obviously, the timing of navigation and resumption depends on the rise and fall of the coronavirus. But if you make a reservation here, you will miss out on a preview of what will be published later, perhaps for testing to become more permanent and / or a vaccine available.

There is still something to be said in anticipation of a holiday after a year-long drought – anticipation of a trip can raise spirits in the dark days – and many companies remain in a position to change and re-establish policies.

Michelle Fee, CEO and founder of Cruise Planners, said the consultants booked their summer trips in 2021.

“Our travel consultants have been warning their clients that places like Europe and Alaska are filling 2021 and taking immediate action if they want to get the stateroom and transportation they want,” he said.

Claire Schoeder, of Elevations Travel in Atlanta, says she does not recommend booking trips before the end of April or early May.

“I’ve been asking clients to reserve a space thinking it’s a partnership they want,” he said. “And if the final payment has not been made and a good agreement has been reached, I can talk to the ship’s crew to see if we can change the reserve to get better offers – be it cheaper or more.”

James Ferguson of Travel Edge in La Jolla, California, said his experienced pilot customers were eager to resume their maritime travel.

“Black Friday and other extra features represent a solid investment to make the dream come true,” he said.

Although there are undoubtedly low prices at the moment, they charge that they have never been anywhere. Ships will return to the ocean slowly, with less power, and most of the facilities have already been reserved for holders of FCCs from this year’s stops.

“We’ve seen prices go a little lower, but not where we see prices going down,” Fee said. “In addition to the FCC’s massive rescue, international voyages expect more people to be considered in terms of the number of ships and to reduce the capacity of the ship.”

Instead, some travel agencies are taking alternatives to attract loyal customers and customers – adding free extras, such as drinks, cruises, gadgets, Wi-Fi and even air traffic.

The top tour of Silversea Cruises recently announced that, starting in 2022, it will include free tours and one-on-one transit on each coast.

Also notable was the announcement of Celebrity Cruises that its new prices also include unlimited Wi-Fi, free offers and unlimited drinks, including high-end cocktails, glass wine, beer, sodas, special coffee and tea, juices and bottled water. The agreement went into effect on November 17, 2020, through an unofficial delegation, with the exception of Galapagos sailors.

For many travelers, the extra features are more fun than discounts.

“For a while now, additions have been a great way to manage business,” Fee said. “It’s a great opportunity for the client and it’s great for the advisory committees.”

He also said the additions provide opportunities and reduce what appears to be an exaggeration-boarding ship. “By linking air travel, transfers, packages for drinks and goodies, to name a few, off-road trips can attract people who want a better place to work without paying extra once you board. Explain the same.”

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