What’s it prefer to be a travel blogger throughout a pandemic?


Travel companies around the world have been among the worst-affected parts of the coronavirus. Millions of jobs are in jeopardy around the world and a number of businesses have gone bankrupt since the many were disrupted. The UN has predicted that the crisis could affect international tourism and other similar agencies by about $ 1.2 to 3.3 trillion in spending.

Although restrictions are slowing down and flights are re-emerging, the same fear of the virus, the Covid-19 test and the self-installation on arrival make all transitions difficult and unacceptable. Under unprecedented circumstances, leisure trips look good and those who do well in rescue missions find themselves in difficult and uncertain places.

Travel bloggers, who are part of the new digital events, are also plagued by the epidemic. Many international airlines fly in and out of Pakistan and the EU has banned many Pakistani nationals, emphasizing compliance with SOPs. Pakistani blogger Areesha Khan, a Pakistani blogger who visited 40 countries, said travel-makers were among the first to be affected by the epidemic. And with the advent of social media standing still, not many people are visiting blogs, which leads to car crashes with readers as well as new opportunities.

“Most traveler bloggers have had to give up trips planned for 2020. Those who didn’t have a lot of money or enough money were able to look for alternatives,” Areesha told The Express Tribune. “Others have begun to embrace it by sharing online art classes, videotapes, blogging or anything else that people might find helpful. Don’t forget, blogging is a place you have to go to make content.”

Blogger added that what he needed was more important when people were traveling and going on vacation. “They [people] they want to know more about different countries, places, hotels, food and visa options. But with so few trips right now, it all comes to a standstill, which also means more of my media cars, less opportunity and a less-paying campaign, ”he explained.

Wardah Khan, a local blogger, said his views were suspended due to covid-19 and the cause of the epidemic for manufacturers is “bigger than we think” he said. “Working bloggers / promoters are always dependent on the sellers and the advertisers they pay. But because of brand shortages and lower prices (due to lower profits), earnings are much lower for manufacturers.”

Wardah, however, emphasized that bloggers can be creative and effective in what they have and help people cope with this difficult time and support local businesses. He believes that travel can be stressful but hopes that things will get back to normal soon. “People can’t get along with visitors and hostels can be very affected because they have a lot of people … but it’s just a matter of time and it will be back to normal. Stay tuned, we will be traveling soon,” he said.

Blogging trips and local tourist attractions

Pakistan’s tourism industry has been highly valued in the past, due to its legal and regulatory environment and high awareness. Similarly, the Duke and Duchess’ tour of Cambridge last year and the 2019 Conde Nast Traveler’s role, also contributed.

Areesha believes that bloggers and vloggers play an important role in helping local tourism to realize their potential in the media. “Before the epidemic, we saw huge growth in tourism. I think the best way to promote non-tourism and our environment is to explore uninhabited places, “he said, pointing to places where many Pakistani tourists do not visit and” unidentified “. too – not just northern areas. Even here, most people are unaware of it but if we start promoting this, it will be very helpful. ”

Areesha affirmed that tourism seeks to help the local people, understand their culture and respect them. Wardah believes that the main responsibility lies with the directors because they can also create awareness and promote sustainable and entertaining tourism. “We have a part to play here and to raise awareness about ecotourism to save the environment and save natural women,” he explained.

Lower transportation costs and no visa requirements would force travelers to go to local markets and support the local economy in the face of the scourge of the plague. The bloggers also encourage travel enthusiasts to visit the tourist center if they are ready to get out of the epidemic.

“Since trips are considered good, unless they are necessary, I think people will have to think twice before arranging their tickets and departing for a trip to another country,” Areesha said. “Traveling only when it is necessary because there is nothing to risk your life. However, if things are going well in your area, start moving around. Support local tourism, donate wealth and keep up with your activities. ”

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