What You Have to Know Earlier than You Go

The year 2020 is coming to an end and so far, we are all just looking for the best dream vacation – the best that we have been deprived of, for so long, as a result of this epidemic. But do not worry, if you have been looking for a beautiful island for Christmas and New Year’s, here is good news for you! What about a few days full of spectacular fun in the Maldives? Also Read – Restrictions Restore Return to Uttar Pradesh Soon | Read more

Indeed, the beautiful island nation also opened its own international tourist attractions since July 15 and was one of the first countries to do so. Last month, many Bollywood actors including Taapsee Pannu, Varun Dhawan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Tiger Shroff vacationers in the Maldives, give us great touring intentions. Also Read – Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Hear T20 World Cup in India Uncertain And Can Be Transfered To UAE

Why visit the Maldives? Also Read – Half Mask Warning: Novel Coronavirus Can Enter The Brain Through The Nose, Says Study

Aside from the clean white beaches, the beautiful resorts and the Indian Ocean, the months from December to April are the best time to visit the island. The average temperature ranges from 29 ° C to 31 ° C at this time, making it an ideal vacation spot. It rains during this time and the humidity is very low between January and April.

In addition, the Maldives is an island with more than 1,190 islands that offer natural isolation to those traveling to the country. The islands also follow the concept of a “one-stop-shop” where travelers to the Maldives simply stay in place.

Another major reason is short-term acquisition, no visa problems and no exceptions. So, reserve the ticket already!

How to get there

After the Maldives opened the tourism industry, India and the Maldives set up an air bubble system in August, as a place where citizens from these countries could travel abroad for work, tourism, medical emergencies, and more.

Air India, Go Air and IndiGo now have flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Male headquarters.

Before departing for the Maldives

The 1,200 island nation reopened its borders in July untested or isolated, and then changed in September to demand the negative results of the Covid-19 test for all incoming. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

-Confirmation of reservation of tourist facilities registered by the Ministry of Security is legal

-All visitors are required to submit an online health information form within 24 hours of departure via the IMUGA portal.

-All visitors are required to have a negative PCV-19 PCR test that took place 96 hours before departure from the first port of entry to the Maldives. In addition, lab results must be provided on paper or electronically upon receipt of the aircraft.

Arriving in the Maldives

All guests are given a free 30-day visa upon arrival and Self-employment is not required. However, if the passenger has a fever, cough or difficulty breathing during or upon arrival, they should be notified to the Health Protection Agency.

All guests should check the hot spot and should wear masks. Physical distances should be taken into account as a result of monitoring that all distances are identified by distance visibility information and footprints in the public transport system. In addition, you must have a PCR test 72 hours before departure from the Maldives.

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