What to know if you happen to’re planning a visit for 2021

Remember what travel was like before COVID-19? You don’t have to wear a mask or start your brain with Q-tips to take the most anticipated vacation in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, the only part of the trip that COVID-19 did not change was billing. The extra charge on your hotel bill, which should be helpful, is live. They can run as much as $ 50 a night in some places in Las Vegas.

Caroline Lupini, a credit card reader and travel analyst at Forbes Advisor, says the rental fees affect the hotel’s free services – especially for senior members of the hotel’s loyal program.

For example, fees often apply to free Wi-Fi, exercise and pool, water towels, daily or travel newspaper, although Lupini is said to vary in hotels.

“These additional services do not require additional costs – payment is a way for hotels to earn more by covering some of the cost of staying in a hotel,” says Lupini. “Obviously, if you can book a hotel with a pool, you should expect to have a pool.”

Understand that comparisons can be difficult

The cost of accommodation makes it difficult to compare prices between hotels. The hotel may seem cheap but then it hits the guest for a fee of $ 40 per day. It is not always easy (or often) easy to see payments in advance, especially if you can look through the internet like Priceline or Orbitz, Lupini told USA Today.

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Be a little savvy

Lupini recommends reading the documentation to see if there is a charge for booking a hotel. If there is a charge, be sure to include it in the hotel reservation fee. “If it is not known if there is another hotel or not, you can call the hotel to confirm,” he added.

In many cases, they say, hotels can’t afford to pay for it, even if you don’t use the services they pay for (such as pool, gym, internet). “However, if you are not using these services or you are frustrated with these services, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a rebate or a rebate,” Lupini said.

Learn to interpret

Molly Fergus, a travel specialist and executive director of TripSavvy, tells USA TODAY that some hotels are now using the new term instead of “destination.” Payments such as “destination payments” or “city fees” are now available at hotel rates, he said.

“If you are going to a popular destination in the US, such as Las Vegas, you can look at hotel prices before looking for a room at ResortFeeChecker.com,” says Fergus. “The site offers fines and accommodation for around 2,000.”

Make a lot of money on your donkey

You pay to get a hotel pool, so you can use it.

Make sure you are using the space available, because you are paying for it. Sara Rathner, a travel specialist at NerdWallet’s financial services office, stayed at a New York City hotel last year and paid her “essentials” $ 36 a day, which calls local and remote phones from her room, a chance to find a gym. body at hotel, use of business facilities, discounted hospitality, plus one hour bike rental.

Rathner said: “When you spend a lot of things, you feel like you’re ‘spending’ money to pay for it,” he says. “Since you’re paying for it regardless of this, you can make a lot of money if you can afford it.”

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