What the 737 MAX’s return to the sky will imply for passengers

(CNN) – Can you drive a Boeing 737 MAX? This question will be a real concern for passengers as soon as the 600-day-old flight is returned to work.

737 MAX was launched in March 2019, following a double collision within five months each killing 346 people.

All of this indicates that the aircraft is confident of returning to the United States soon following a change in control of the pilots.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) director Steve Dickson said earlier this week that a review of the design concept “could be completed in the coming days,” and operations from there should be simpler.

2020 is an unprecedented year for new culture, and for Washington, DC, a new culture. But while the FAA adheres to its mandate, it is no exaggeration to say that airlines do not have a high-level confirmation map that the latest generation of the world’s best-selling aircraft, the Boeing 737, is safe.

Some carriers, including American Airlines, have already started selling tickets on MAX (however, at least once a day).

“Our customers can easily detect if they are moving at 737 MAX even though the changes have changed,” said American Airlines spokesman Curtis Blessing. “The type of aircraft will be displayed via the reservation system, and if the plans change, there will be a notification.”

United Airlines promises riders to be able to reserve a book if they do not want to run MAX.

Southwest Airlines, meanwhile – which had the largest MAX fleet in the U.S. before its launch – is said to be taking a long time, showing three to four months from when the rules did not stop until they returned to work.

Southwest Officer Mike Van de Ven said in a call to companies in October, “We have the ability to work with this airline. It is our cheapest flight. It is our most reliable aircraft. We are the majority of our environment. Our best flight. That’s why we look forward to restarting. “

But the reasons why investors may not be attractive to riders.

The Boeing 737 MAX operated by FAA Chief Steve Dickson takes off for a test flight on Sept. 30 in Seattle.

Photo by Stephen Brashear / Getty Images

Making riders comfortable with a long system

In fact, part of the problem is that MAX is safe and that there is no textbook on how to do this, and another is that aircraft manufacturers and airlines are reluctant to discuss security.

There is a large proportion of people who are afraid to fly, and do not want to increase the numbers.

There is also a risk that the safety campaign could boost travelers’ fears: if Boeing and 737 MAX-enabled aircraft can go public – which is cheaper, and the long-term economic downturn is not the time for them – – they are at risk of reminding people of the problems on the plane, or causing people those who did not watch the news two years ago realize.

“Boeing should be concerned about what might not happen in security negotiations,” explains Addison Schonland, a US-AirInsight Group partner.

“It’s difficult because you want the passengers to forget that they are on the MAX. Can Boeing do this consistently? With Americans talking about training their customers, it helps, but, there could be unintended consequences.Southwest Airlines 737 MAX aircraft parked in California in March 2019.

Southwest Airlines 737 MAX aircraft parked in California in March 2019.

Pictures of Mario Tama / Getty

In fact, the aircraft has been in the process of being upgraded for some time compared to how they can use the MAX aircraft they need and that some (or most) do not want to fly.

There is another room for aircraft to avoid being operated here, as the Covid-19 crash has reduced the complexity of existing vehicles, but sometimes another aircraft must be the first to return MAX to the air.

And this will come with incredible interest from directors, journalists, and riders.

We live in the 2020’s, where almost every flyer has a cell phone to record what’s going on, and it only takes one passenger to be able to suck while crying over the 737 MAX ride when the gate attendant refuses or can’t rewrite it, saying Create a serious image problem – not to mention first that 737 MAX must deviate or return to its destination airport to become a common matter.

Beyond the humanitarian blitz, you can expect more flights to be established (publicly or quietly) while passengers who do not want to fly at 737 MAX can change their ticket, free of charge.

So when will AirInsight’s SchIland be ready to fly at 737 MAX?

“Not for a moment my answer. Maybe wait to see how it goes. I’m sure the updated MAX will be a better flight from systems and security,” he says.

“However,” concludes Schonland, “he is in no hurry to try.”

The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is being photographed on the company’s production line in March 2019 in Renton, Washington.

The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is being photographed on the company’s production line in March 2019 in Renton, Washington.

Photo by Stephen Brashear / Getty Images

Boeing has another problem: the world

Crucially, Boeing not only needs to pressure Americans, or US regulators.

Following the disclosure of the investigation to Boeing, FAA regulators, and the relationship between them – including a report by the US House Transport Transport Committee, which clearly states that “Boeing has failed to manufacture and repair MAX, and FAA has failed to monitor Boeing and certify the aircraft” – agencies International security forces are pushing for their ideas.

In addition to the major decisions that pilot pilots in Europe, EASA, and CAAC of China, a certificate from junior independent regulators in key countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore and the UAE is required.

There is also, for Boeing and the US, a major problem in China: the strained political relationship between the United States and China exports US Boeing as a key player.

Aside from the important security component of CAAC, China’s interests lie in the development of its pilot programs, which in-depth analysis of MAX systems can help. Obviously, Boeing is very useful in the fight against the White House or the next.

But Boeing has a problem that is far more serious: convincing passengers that major errors in the 737 MAX have been eliminated and eliminated and will not make them the 347 dead man on the plane.

On behalf of the manufacturer, says AirInsight Schonland, the key features of the Boeing 737 MAX program should be “FAA certification, airline conversion to meet certification requirements, and shipping – in this way.”

But another part of the offer is close to the need for aircraft, which has already been developed by the Covid-19, and which would be much less for a plane that has been under review for two years, and that many experts and airlines do not believe in safety.

And it will be a brave airline that wants to be the first to take bribes on all other companies to bring back MAX.

John Walton is a world-renowned journalist who carries and operates aviation in France, well known for its aviation, commercial aviation and passenger experience.

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