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We can’t be blamed for responding to Kyrie Irving’s recent news and lamenting, “Boy, if they can’t find …”

The Brooklyn Nets point guard and his employer were paid $ 25,000 by the NBA on Thursday for refusing Irving to speak to the press since he took up teaching on December 1. Three days later, Irving released a statement that said, “Instead of speaking to reporters today. , I am submitting this document to ensure that my message is delivered properly.… I am committed to working every day, ready to have fun, compete, do well, and win competition with my colleagues and colleagues in the Nets team.

“My goal this season is to let my work and the court speak.”

Irving, who did not allow the drama to become a talk show, wrote on television on Friday what it looks like:

“I pray that we will spend ‘good money’ on people who are in need and need, especially in view of where our country is located. [I am] Here is Peace, Love, and Greatness. So stop confusing me and my team, thank you Art. We move differently over here.

“I’m not talking to Pawns. I’m very impressed with this. ”

Oh, brother. We’ve started again.

The easiest way to get everyone out – the media, the NBA fans – is to get rid of this until Kyrie becomes Kyrie, ignoring what the 28-year-old said he should continue to criticize – or laugh at – his pride is a very hot spot. (Irving also mentioned Malcolm X in his remarks on Friday.) Irving has repeatedly taken the ax to his popularity over the years, from his association with teammates at the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics to the public, which is in stark contrast to his world-class ideology.

But, as with most things, this condition of Irving is complex.

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On the one hand, Irving has a responsibility to speak to the press. Not only to defeat all the slaves, but the league has a $ 24 billion deal with ESPN and Turner to broadcast the game, but also has guidelines that require players to speak to the press after the game and systems are over. Irving knows this, as he is vice president of the National Basketball Players Association. Irving may be frustrated by the press and their questions, but little can he do – at least – answer some questions for five minutes. (For the uninitiated, media scrums only take this long.)

Irving makes the task of beating journalists more difficult to answer. Imagine if Irving didn’t speak to the press after his season — opening 50 games last season on the anniversary of his grandfather’s death. The briefing period was slightly lost without Irving’s agreement. Not to mention, there is a risk that some players may feel that they, too, do not want to speak to the press. Interacting with the media means that you welcome Damian Lillard’s “Paul George who sent me home last year” or LeBron James asking for “great respect” The limited presence in the media is not enough for everyone.

At the same time, the media, including me, should also look at myself. Irving did not choose to call us “pimps” out of the air.

Before the advent of social media and media-sponsored media, journalists had the opportunity to inform the actors. If you want to learn about your favorite athletes and teams, or others, when athletes want to improve something, they need a local sports journalist. Journalists were once regarded as influential in the game, as they helped to identify people’s feelings about the game or the coach.

But in the last decade – especially when James went on a national television show claiming to be based on South Beach – things have changed. Formerly a local and international journalist, and possibly a blogger here and there, there is now James ‘UNINTERRUPTED media platform, thirty Ventures of Kevin Durant and Players’ Tribune of Derek Jeter, who have heard of Durant’s idea of ​​joining Golden State Warriors in 2016, among other winners. In addition there are accounts that athletes have.

The players realized they no longer needed the press. And can you blame them? Many of us mistreated the power we had to send the news. We called Durant “Mr. Reliable.” We turned James into a villain because he no longer wanted to play with the Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert. the media we need to be better than that.The line between criticism and real meaning has long gone.

This is the result.

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It is easy to lose sight of what Irving said because he is the wrong messenger. We – the team, not just the media – did the same in the summer when Irving questioned the returning league to play in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic and the demonstrations that police officers killed George Floyd. Because Irving, like millions of others in the world, never spoke of the past of racism and inequality, his idea of ​​the NBA disrupting chaos between them was suddenly ridiculed. For a black man who plays in many black games with a white team that despises his commitment to social justice, it should come as no surprise that the same black team that the black man no longer wants to talk to.

If journalists (journalists, journalists, writers, bloggers, podcasters, professionals, commentators, etc.) want athletes like Irving to be better, we, too, must be good.

If not, it will not be a matter of whether we are corrupt on the chessboard or not. We find out that we are the only ones playing.

Martenzie is the co-editor of The Undefeated. His favorite time with the video was when Django said “Y’all you want to see somethin?”

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