Weekend Greatest Bets: Oct. 15-18


You can see the growth

What: Not Your Colorful Garden! (Livestream)
When: August 15, 6: 30-8 pm
Where: Sign up online

Join Root City at the annual fundraising event this week to support a non-profit program. Located on the Saint Paul East Side, Urban Roots works hard to improve public health, support the environment, and empower youth leaders in the cities of the Twin. Urban Roots will team up with the James Beard Award-Perennial Plate to create a variety of exhibits featuring author and chef Samin Nosrat; environmentalist, freedom fighter, and farmer Winona LaDuke; Cities of Twin Cities Yia Vang (by Ms. Yang); singer Lucy Michelle; and pollinator “queen bee” Erin Rupp. The live market can be found here – by searching for gifts, escaping, and participating in Urban Roots development work.


Rock ‘n’ Rock Internet

What: Rock and Dirty Nil Concert: “Dancing 2 Thrash”
When: Thursday, October 15, 7 pm
Where: On the Internet

Thursday, October 15, join Canadian rock band Dirty Nil at a concert hosted by 93X KXXR, live in Minneapolis. Music blog BrooklynVegan has called Dirty Nil a “band that asks to be seen on the spot,” but this should be the next big thing, as fans have had the opportunity to experience the taste of the longest show from home. The three leaders were praised by Billboard, Stereogum, Pitchfork, and many others, WITHOUT mentioning the 2018 band’s history, Master Volume, “rock ‘n’ roll deserves”

Selection of Readers

What: 2020 Virtual Twin Twin Book Celebrations
When: August 15-17, events from 10 am-8 pm (see list here)
Where: Visit TCBF online at twincitiesbookfestival.com

This year, the twentieth anniversary of the Twin Cities Book continues. Online entertainment features more than thirteen authors offering books of all ages, including eighty viewers. (Usually, the event attracts readers to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.)

Coming out

What: Hunting Girl
When: August 15-24, 7 p.m.
Where: Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Updates: Group Girl sold out, sad. Check for ticket payments at openeyetheatre.org

Bug Girl is the story of a girl who grows wings and shrinks after swallowing a strange virus. After his transformation, he is driven to destroy the minds of those around him. Girl Bug travels around the world, looking for a way to control its new power. The exhibition runs on the large roof of the Bakken Museum and the audience must wear masks. City Pages praised Bug Girl, saying “Creator Liz Howls and her hard-working team make a great impression when they play at neighboring levels.” Drawing inspiration from comic books, booklets, and B-horror movies, the show has to be good. Bug Girl will also include pre-show music.

Actress Duane Jones, star of Trylon Cinema twiceActress Duane Jones, star of Trylon Cinema twice


Double danger

What: Celebration of Duane Jones: Night of the Dead by Ganja & Hess
When: August 16-18 (see showtimes here)
Where: Trylon Cinema, 2820 E. 33rd St., Minneapolis

This week, Trylon is taking part in a back-to-back celebration to celebrate the work of Duane Jones, who starred in the horror film and his role in Night of the Living Dead (1968) as Ben, the film’s hero. The film, mixed with Cold War text and human commentaries during the Civil War – has been restored from its original state. The second video to be screened by Ganja & Hess (1972) is rarely shown. After being stabbed with an old knife, archaeologist Hess Green (Jones) begins to crave blood. The much-acclaimed movie failed to impress the box office, with some claiming it was because it refused to impress the white audience.

Personalized Marketing

What: Midtown Global Market Market
When: August 16-17, 10 am-6 pm
Where: Midtown International Market, 920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis

Following the success of the Black State Fair in August, producer Destinee Shelby and her team at Baked Brand, LLC, are excited to offer the Black State Fair at Midtown Global Market. Vendors will be established throughout the market, with more than a dozen black business owners expected to participate. Admission is free, and you can expect anything from barbecue and delicacies to beautiful and elegant items, clothing, candles, and other decorative items. Many local businesses have been affected by the epidemic and riots, especially on Lake Street, so this is a good opportunity to show your support. Visitors over the age of 3 should wear masks and use makeup on the market.

Certified Participants are Baked Brand, Bratty Hair Creations, Buns & Guns, Chuarts, CrownTheWriter, D’Luxuries & Co, D Mo’s Place, E&G Styles Boutique, Herbs & Beauty, Hunt for Variety, Kid Editionz, Mari & Fo’s Hotspot, Notetorius, Prosperity Rose, LLC, Seductive Lashes, Strawberries N ‘Things, Care Skin, Home Grown Company, Laboratory Skin Company, Thought Healing, Wigs by Mi, and Zen Zone.

“Corduroy” at the Ana Theater Company


Cuddly Classic

What: Digital production for the children of Theater Company in Corduroy
When: Through October 25, 90 minutes running
Where: On the Internet

Enjoy Children’s Theater Company’s classes downloading Corduroy’s old children’s books and A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman, from your home. Edited by playwright Barry Kornhauser and directed by CTC director Peter C. Brosius, the show features a touching and unflattering story of the Corduroy bear exploring in its store with its favorite button. Meanwhile, Lisa is trying to convince her mother to let her take her to Corduroy while the Night Guard is looking for a bear to bring her to her shelf.

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