Wealthy Individuals’s Issues: Ought to I guide a vacation?

Any vacation or accommodation I have planned since March has been damaged by Covid. I know. Homes.

My favorite pastime in the French Alps, never happened. A trip to the western tree in France, he was frustrated. My annual trip to the magnificent temple, Hotel Cipriani in Venice, was set. A long week in Norfolk, abandoned. And the voyage to the Sea, was delayed.

What a mare ‘. Now I am left wondering if I would find it difficult to raise my hopes of going or just letting myself go before vaccination is a risky business.

I am well aware that the plague has a profound effect on economics and people around the world. With so many deaths, long-term illness, the disruption of daily life and business collapse, my holiday intentions may seem insignificant.

Probably, but I have been working every day since mid-February. Although I have the energy and the opportunity to be busy, everyone needs some rest from time to time. My batteries need a recharge. This is the longest time I haven’t been out since the 1970s. I want to eat a lunch that starts at 12pm and ends at 2pm. That’s 2am, the next morning. Washed with fizz and rosé.

The first closing taught us a lot. Gardening is fun. Having dogs is important. The house on the beach is epic. Working from home can be fun. English fizz is delicious. And home-grown produce is fun to make and is good to eat.

It wasn’t really fun the second time around. Especially because the weather has been bad, outdoor events and fences and fences have been reduced. It is also difficult to play to catch firewood in the dark. Also, on the third day of Lockdown 2.0, my NHS app caught me. I was in contact with a man who was diagnosed with coronavirus and had symptoms. Know 10 days separately.

I can advertise and write and home. Although I lack the experience to buy to buy “essentials” it is not the end of the world. Using the ingredients, fortunately the fear I have bought in the past, I have been cooking different colors and making a finger (Jewish-made bread) for the first time. I picked apples from my trees and cooked turn apples. Not down looking. And I harvested the last of the season on my piece of leaves – Jerusalem artichokes.

If you have eaten it once, you will know the dangers of stomach cramps. Maybe it’s food that should be closed? In each case, you will have to make sure that you do not leave home. The trumpet in Jerusalem is shaking, we might say.

In spite of all of this, I am making a lot of noise, and I have no peace. We live in unprecedented uncertainty. There are many things to worry about after this plague. Taxes will go up, but which ones? How much should I save? Will I have enough money to do all the housework that working from home has made me realize that I have to do it? Do I have to be extra careful with money, even if it burns out in my pocket?

These are not the only “notes” you should consider. What about a 9-to-5 post, five days a week in the office? Will working at home remain a “thing”? Will I still be able to do Zoom meetings near me? Or socks? Can I go out for lunch or dinner with my friends? Will there be a translation site after all this? Lots of questions. Which brings me to the biggest question of all: should I prepare for the holidays?

If any mail can pass through your inbox, chances are it is packed with travel information. If they let me go to France, I could return to Lyon for £ 50 the best time I choose. Even BA is $ 100 (pre-arranged, refund and inclusive tax). It is usually two.

The problem with Covid-19 is putting it off (and if the ski resort is open), my house in the mountains is not ready to receive me again when it overflows. My builder has failed to work, get tools or make any progress. So much for having your own space. It would be much worse if I relied on borrowing to pay off my mortgage or mortgage. As a result, I have been looking farther away.

For many years I have been a fan of Antigua. Lying on the back and unstable. There are beautiful restaurants, amazing beaches and they make for vacation resorts along the way. Instead, it was the last trip I made before closing. As a result, I’m thinking of reserving it.

A two-and-a-half week trip to get the game on the weekend. Is it possible?

I could go out and pour out the money. There is something wonderful about walking in a luxury club and staying in a luxury hotel. And yes, I can do a week and clean up an account that lives in Curtain Bluff or Carlyle Bay, and throw in £ 10,000 on a trip that usually costs $ 15,000 to £ 20,000 and get involved.

But I want to go on a long trip, explore the island, and spend some money on memorable trips. I’m not a football player or a famous star, so the money we need to live a short-term life may not make sense. With the business out there, I find it difficult. A two-and-a-half week trip to get the game on the weekend. Is it possible?

Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t mind sitting on the beach every day. You can rank by turning right, but its business is very good, it may be worth the effort. Last year, a Caribbean economy ticket would have been refunded $ 900 plus tax. This year? The cheapest one I’ve ever found is a return of £ 344. And with hotels willing to take over your business, I think I’d love to put it in the cheapest seats.

I’m writing a 16-day epic of 1,500 and wasting my savings on renovating a home including swish Bert & May tiles and taking Timothy Oulton chairs. The inner layers of the five stars will last longer than the holidays. Maybe I will have enough to spend money and set up a lunch table at the beautiful Caribbean palace. However, I just want a table for two.

James Max is a geographer and radio broadcaster. The ideas expressed by man. Twitter: @thejamesmax. If you have a problem with James, write to [email protected]

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