Vaccines and Travel: What You Need to Know

Evidence of a vaccine may also be needed by ship: Royal Caribbean requires 16 or more passengers to be vaccinated on the first May of the Odyssey of the Seas, from Israel – the world’s largest vaccine – and travel to the Mediterranean. Virgin Tours, Crystal Cruises and other cruise lines have also announced vaccination requirements for both riders and operators.

The concept of vaccine evidence as a necessity for travel is not new; some countries require travelers to receive a yellow vaccine. The World Health Organization, has come out against the idea of ​​Covid-19 vaccine certificates for green travel.

“Obviously, vaccines are not widely available globally and are not equally available,” said Michael Ryan, director of WHO Health Emergency Program, at a press conference earlier this month.

In short: fewer people, more cleaning and, perhaps, back-up.

The hotel industry collapsed last year; a recent forecast from the American Hotel & Lodging Association states that half of the apartment rooms will be empty this year, while group activities are moving around 500,000 fewer jobs compared to the cases.

The report also found that 62 percent of consumers consider hygiene in major areas when choosing a hotel. Last year, all major and most independent chains imposed new health and safety regulations, which are still in place today even when business starts: cleaning and disinfection programs, social isolation, livelihood activities, government and local restrictions, residential boundaries and back-up activities such as eating, resting and raising children. Many hotel companies, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and IHG, also enter the reception area and pay for it; others also introduced “seals” on the doors of the house – indicating that no one has entered the room since the last wash.

Vacation companies have also changed their standards. Airbnb guests and hosts are required to wear a mask in contact with them, and those arranging for guests are required to complete five cleaning procedures – which also include instructions on how to use pesticides – between sleepers.

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