United Airways will check digital well being go for UK-US flights

On Wednesday, United Airlines carrier in the USA is due to test a digital license to pass a standard Covid-19 global test and will eventually open the border when the vaccine is announced.

The nonprofit project, Commonpass sponsored by the World Economic Forum and the Swiss company The Commons Project and found to be successful could persuade governments to reduce travel restrictions and exclude people from around the world as a result of the epidemic.

This will be supported by United Airlines flight from London Heathrow to Newark Liberty International Airport and the service will be followed by Cathay Pacific. Other major airlines are also following tests in November and December.

Paul Meyer, director of The Commons Project, told a leading newspaper, “The purpose of the trial is to show governments that they can rely on someone to get tested in one country and give their certificates abroad.”

Volunteers who took the first flight with Commonpass are supervised by the US CDC and will upgrade the COVID-19 results from the certified lab to their mobile phones as well as comprehensive health screening questions to create a QR code that aircraft and crew can scan and verify.

They will show a number, which can be printed to passengers without phones, before departure and when they arrive.

With this project, it seeks to establish reliable labs and will adopt results and vaccine labels that can be verified across the border and will replace the available method of sharing paperwork and demonstrate easy testing results in labs.

“Labs can verify the identity of the program, which was designed to protect their privacy,” Meyer said. “The model works if countries agree to trust health information from other countries,” he added.

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