Uncover Zika Free South Pacific Islands

Zika virus seems to be spreading to the most remote islands of the world!

After capturing all the Caribbean islands (as you can see in Zika Free Caribbean Destinations), it is spreading into the South Pacific.

The point is, for all of us, the islands of the South Pacific mean ‘Paradise on earth’. As a heavenly island, being sick in paradise takes away all beauty and happiness.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention maintains a list of all countries and regions with Zika Virus Transmission, which is now dangerous to visit, especially for pregnant women. Unfortunately, we can find the islands of American Samoa, Fiji, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Tonga the spread of Zika.

Looking at the map, it seems that there are no safe islands in the South Pacific. But know this: there are beautiful islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

Discover the free Zika islands in the South Pacific!

Guam and Northern Mariana


Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands are all part of the USA and offer leisure water, amazing waterfalls, and a fascinating Chamorro culture. Important to know, Guam and Saipan are very crowded and I love the celebrities. Go beyond the 2 main islands for a little more experience.



Photo credit: Laith Stevens

Green mountains, seaside, beautiful sunsets… and Nauru. The second richest country in the world due to high levels of phosphate, is now a poor country that needs tourism to recover. Helping people doesn’t look so good!

Nauru’s Fun Facts

Nauru is an island built for bird sanctuaries. Poo, or phosphate, was used as a fertilizer and was dug between the early 1900s and late 1980s. Now it is all gone and nothing grows on the island. In addition, about 40% of Nauruans suffer from type 2 diabetes – more than in any other country.



Photo credit: Russel Parkinson

Niue lies between Tonga and the Cook Islands. It has a small coastline but offers rivers, mountains, and caves around the coast. Since some caves stretch underwater, they are ideal for swimming.

Pitcairn Island


Pitcairn Island has one of the smallest parts of the world, and it is one of the most remote in the world. It has about 50, friendly people who came from the Bounty mutineers, and offers interesting trips.


southern island

Tuvalu is one of the smallest, most remote, and lowest countries in the world, but it has much more to offer: white rocky waters, rugged mountains, and impassable small swamps.

Tuvaluan Tips

The highest point in Tuvalu is only 15ft above sea level. It could be one of the first countries to end.

In addition, small Tuvalu sold its online version – .tv – to a company in California for a few million dollars a year.

The islands of the South Pacific are Old or Old Shipping but No Explosion of Zika

Unfortunately, the area below is infected with Zika virus.

Cook Islands

Updates September 9, 2020


Named after the great explorer Captain James Cook, the 15 beautiful tropical islands offer beautiful beaches, azure swamps, and tons of fish and fruit. The Cook Islands are a symbol of the paradise of the remote islands. It is important to visit between April and November, the dry season. And don’t forget to try to see the fox whales and green turtles!

Tips on Travel in the Cook Islands

French Polynesia

Updates September 9, 2020


Peaceful and wonderful, French Polynesia offers much more than its history shows. From the oceans to the Marquesas Archipelago, its 117 islands are straddling the coast of Europe. Various, travelers, and epicureans will find heaven there!

True in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is made up of 117 islands and covers as much of the Pacific Ocean as Western Europe. This region is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and has been dubbed the “Shark Capital of the Pacific”.


Updates September 9, 2020

5 |  Caroline Atoll, Kiribati

Kiribati is a very simple and beautiful country: green meadows and beautiful sunsets. The country is still steeped in tourism, the country is made up of 33 low islands and atolls scattered across the equator. You will find in Kiribati a genuine smile and friendly people.

Kiribati’s Fun Facts

The two small islands of Kiribati, Tebua Tarawa and Abanuea, went missing in 1999. Unfortunately, no one lived there at the time.

Kiribati has spread over 3.55 million sq km of ocean, making it the largest in the world.


Updated September 9, 2020

malawi- 1

Palau was just a paradise. It is the world’s most famous waterfront for the first time: spectacular rocks, amazing blue holes, spectacular WWII ruins, beautiful caves and tunnels, huge bullets, and over 60 spectacular views. February and March are the dryest months, although it is hot all year round and can rain in any time.

Palau Fun

Palau is home to some of the world’s most pristine marine species, making it an ideal place to throw and cross boxing at sea.

Solomon Islands

Updated September 9, 2020


The Solomon Islands are a great place to stay and get to the bare road. They will be just you, the white sea, the lush forests, and the traditional cities. Locally friendly locals are waiting for you, such as fishing at sea, swimming underwater, and swimming in the water.

Solomon Islands Entertainment

The people of Solomon Island use dog teeth for money until the 21st century. In addition, some remote islands still do not receive television, so radio is the best source of information. In addition, the people of Solomon Island are sometimes feared for their food and beheaded. But it is old!


Updated September 9, 2020


Volcanoes, world-class swimming, ancient culture, and the best food in the Pacific make Vanuatu one of the best places in the world. Additionally, very friendly people will give you a warm welcome and a warm smile.

More Fun in Vanuatu

You can find Nemo, a beautiful little fish called the movie Finding Nemo, in Vanuatu. In addition, Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands, dense jungles, pristine white and black beaches, and tens of thousands of sea creatures. And more than 100 local languages ​​are spoken in Vanuatu.

Are you planning a trip to the South Pacific? Which island would you like to visit… or move to? ????
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