UNCORKED: Tomes to bolster your understanding of wine

Wine is a difficult subject. Very difficult.

It is not just a beverage, it is surrounded by stories, history, regions and controversies. I like to see that wine is fun. Most of us begin to enjoy the small glass of wine at a meal and then one day make us take a closer look at the water. Obviously, you can learn a lot from this, but I find that good reading is one of the most exciting things on this journey.

I have made a list of what I read that I like and what I know will give you a chance.

“️” Bordeaux: People, Power and Politics “by Stephen Brook – This is a book that fascinated me in the French wine industry. There was a time when the wine world had a split between the Old World and the New World. in the Royal Chateaux in Bordeaux everything seems to be a mystery … until this book. Brook also reveals the identity of the property, the result of a partnership between them and the interesting story of Bordeaux and the prices of one of the world’s most powerful families. To this day I also recommend this book (and give it more as a gift) because it opens. your thoughts on the mystery of the Bordeaux region.

Jud️ “Judgment of Paris: California vs. France and the Historic 1976 Paris Tasting Wine Has Changed Wine” by George Taber – If you watch the 2008 “Bottle Shock” video, this is the book they found. I was studying wine in London all the while California was gaining respect from all over the world for wine. This book makes you proud of California’s quest to participate in the ancient past and the years that took this honor. It all started with one event that changed the world of wine forever. Taber, the only journalist who appeared at The Paris Tasting in 1976 brings you through an unforgettable experience that transformed our American wine market with a one-time taste of California wine against France. I have to add it to each wine library.

The️ “The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty” by Julia Flynn Siler -I was reading this book early on my wine making trips to California. It was one of my first readings looking inside the big wine business. The book explores the Mondavi family from the beginning in the Napa Valley to the point of being sold to an international conference, and misleads many along the way. After reading this book I left with an understanding of the Mondavi family’s commitment, vision and inspiration from Cesare Mondavi’s post-Prohibition America and a clear understanding of the success we know today in the Napa Valley.

“️” Vinegar of the Billionaire “author Benjamin Wallace – One of my dear friends who specializes in bottling wine bottles gave me this book and said,” it’s worth reading. ” This book looks like a secret but on the way, it takes you to the highest quality wine cellar where the bottles can be sold in the market at high prices. the nightmare.

Lorri Hambuchen is a member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits in London. Email: #chithuvj

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