Uganda is now open for Worldwide Vacationers

One of the most famous lands in East Africa, home to the mountain gorilla, is now a hive of activity.

Uganda, a borderless country that traverses South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, and DC of Congo is now open to visitors after closing its borders in March because of Coronavirus. The country has received the World Safe Travels and Sanitation Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council for health and hygiene.

And in accordance with the new law, the country has established air traffic control systems in accordance with guidelines from the International Civil Aviation Organization.The country has opened its borders with laws and regulations that must be followed by foreigners, including:

  1. All Ugandan passengers are required to take a Negative RT-PCR test for Covid-19 and the test results should not exceed 72 hours. Airlines have been specifically instructed not to board passengers without a covid-19 certificate.
  2. Upon arrival, all passengers will have a health check-up, including temperature monitoring and monitoring for any infectious diseases.
  3. If the pilots are found to have Covid-19, the passenger will be taken to a Covid-19 test station.
  4. Travelers leaving Uganda must also have a Covid-19 PCR error test that should not exceed 72 hours.
  5. Proper use of masks and distance between them is required for regular follow-up. If a person does not use the mask, they are prevented from entering.

One of the main culprits is the coronavirus-infected monkey. People, Chimpanzee, Bonobos, Gorilla, and Orangutan have been influenced by Covid-19 and in this case, park rangers have taken an active part in the national parks and have enacted a number of tourism regulations, including.

  • Using a mask, temperature measurement using an infra-red thermometer is tested at the entrance. Visitors, co-workers will be screened frequently.
  • Hand washing and garbage will be placed at the entrance to the parks and the protected areas of the park. I am forced to wash my hands and use laundry.
  • Visitors who do not have masks and do not follow these rules will not be allowed to enter the park.
  • Cars, boats and other means of transportation are permitted by half as required by law.
  • Visitors should be around 32ft away from the monkeys and by the time the monkeys go to the beach, the tips will be available at around 6.5ft between the visitors.

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