U.Ok. Bans Flights From Denmark As Tens of millions Of Mink Culled In Coronavirus Scare

Millions of mink will be bred in Denmark following the new availability of … [+] coronavirus that has infected humans.

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As The problem of mink in Denmark has increased, the British government has banned all travel from Denmark except for UK nationals returning home. Non-British drivers coming in from Denmark will also be denied entry. The order should be reviewed within one week.

Denmark, the world’s largest producer of mink fur, last week ordered a spread of 17 million minks following the emergence of a species of coronavirus that has spread to humans in the north of the country.

The flight between Denmark and the UK has stabilized

While British citizens and their citizens may travel to the UK on the basis of secession laws, doing so may not be an option.

Denmark’s DR stated that flights from Denmark are now no longer allowed to land at British airports and that ships cannot board British ports.

The program of Copenhagen flight the website confirmed that two of Ryanair’s scheduled flights to the UK on Sunday were banned. It is not possible at the moment to reserve a flight from Denmark to the UK with Scandinavia Airlines next week.

Britain moved quickly legally

Secretary of State Grant Shapps announced the move on Twitter, explaining that “protecting people in the UK is paramount.”

The Department of Transport has confirmed that British citizens and only citizens returning to the UK are not prohibited. However, all arrivals from Denmark must isolate themselves and the rest of the family for two weeks. Unlike travel guides from other countries, there is no contravention of this policy.

Isolation restores itself. Anyone who has returned from Denmark in the last 14 days will be connected to the reservation.

This new law also applies to anyone who has changed or plans to cross from Denmark to the United Kingdom. Copenhagen Airport is a busy transit hub between the UK and the Nordic region.

The problem of mink in Denmark continues

The government has ordered about 17 million Danish Mink people to stop the spread of coronavirus from mink to humans. At least 214 cases of Covid-19 people in Denmark are believed to have originated from mink.

However, he was concerned about the new changes that led to the big decision. Danish authorities have found five cases in mink farms and 12 of the human population show a decrease in antibodies. If the spread continues, more vaccines for growth may not be effective. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the decision to resign was made “out of sheer sadness”.

North Jutland is a region of great Danish concern. The prime minister has urged locals not to travel outside the area. “We urge everyone in North Jutland to do extraordinary things,” Frederiksen told a news conference.

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