TUI to launch summer season 2022 holidays to Spain, Greece and Florida

FAMILIES can start looking forward to their next vacation, with TUI launching their winter 2021 and 2022 vacation.

Two-year advance tickets will be available by November 5, with a deposit of only $ 75.


TUI is launching their summer 2022 season two years in advanceMoney: Alamy

The 2021 Winter Holidays, which already have 52 locations such as Cancun, Jamaica and Tenerife, can now be secured with two new Cape Verde flights from the UK expanding, as well as other trips to existing routes.

According to a survey conducted by the tour operators, more than half of TUI’s customers want to reserve a vacation on the Mediterranean during the summer of 2021.

The increase in demand has led to the first release of the summer of 2022, for those who are looking forward a lot.

Winter 2021/2022 vacation

Summer 2022 vacation

  • 14 nights at Universal Resort in Florida with return trips – from £ 1,615pp
  • 14 nights in Florida with return flights – from $ 1,435pp
  • Seven nights in the Algarve bedroom with pool and return flight – from £ 430pp
  • Seven nights in a Corfu room with a well-ventilated pool and return flight – from $ 530pp

A trip to Florida can be booked for the summer of 2022


A trip to Florida can be booked for the summer of 2022Money: Alamy

Areas such as Greece, Turkey, and Egypt are the most popular, though only Greece remains open to the Brits at this time.

Florida, one of the most popular hot spots due to Disney World and Universal Orlando, will be on sale again in the summer of 2022, and 40% of Florida holidays in the summer of 2021 have already sold out.

The offerings include 62 destinations in the summer of 2022, from 16 airports in the UK.

Richard Sofer, Commercial & Business Development Director at TUI said: “Our recent customer research and reservation this coming summer shows that the British people are looking forward to a better future than they could possibly take this year.

“That is why we have developed our plans for the future until the end of October 2022, so that families and families can also plan for the future next year and beyond to make wise decisions that can make their vacation a success from what we have in the business.”

Travelers are advised to reserve vacations for years to come, with people hoping to raise prices or see popular land being sold.


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Paul Charles of PC Agency told Sun Online Travel: “Travel agencies need money to raise money for them, so they are offering the best they can now.

“I think this is the time to save money because you will guarantee the best prices before you expect it to arrive next summer.”

Jet2 and TUI have already set up their 2021 summer season due to demand, meaning that a holiday in 2022 could be the only option soon.

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