#TravelNow: Indian Travel Bloggers You Should Observe

Here are some Indian travel bloggers to follow to find tips and tricks for your next vacation!
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We all dreamed of being able to travel around the world without worries or anxieties. We save for the rest of the year and find a few days off where we can relax and survive in the world. We need to find ways to spend more time on our vacation. That’s where travel bloggers come in. They help make travel more accessible to you and me. You find cheap tips to help you get better and learn new experiences that you may have missed!

Here is a list of Indian travel bloggers who have been dreaming and giving you the motivation to support a travel fire:

Shenaz metal

Photo: @shenaztreasury / Instagram

This mobile blogger takes us on an individual journey through the streets of our country. Her fun and infidelity in her vlogs makes viewers feel like they’re walking with her! He calls this trip ‘his work of pleasure’ and wants to be your daily hope. He is currently touring the Indian subcontinent, promoting small local businesses.

Preethi Parthasarathy: Peppy Girl Walking

Photo: @peppytravelgirl / Instagram

Preethi Parthasarathy and a former banker who decided to travel regularly three and a half years ago after retiring. He went on to showcase a digital travel show for TLC India about his private tour of India. He now travels extensively and records his travels on his platform. He has just completed a two-week trek with two friends who live in a trailer and look out over the coast, all the way to Kerala.

Divyakshi Gupta: Quirky Ride


Photo: @ divisgupta / Instagram

Divyakshi Gupta is another travel blogger who should be on your list. This young traveler has already been published in all travel magazines. For him, traveling used as an escape from reality has now become the best educational resource he could find, and he plans to share this knowledge with all of us fellow travelers.

Sharanaya Iyer: The Sad Truths


Photo: @b Truenomadly / Instagram

Like many of us, Sharanaya Iyer also spoke for itself in the life of the industry before boldly choosing to pursue her travel passion. He succumbed to his paralysis and began to walk on his own! It exploded between two continents at 2 degrees celsius, penetrated a mountain, running from 13,000 feet, and these are just a few of its many journeys! The intensity of the transmission will delight your day.

Shivya Nath: Shooting Star


Photo: @ shivya / Instagram

Shivya Nath is the inspiration that all of your favorite waiters have been waiting for. He started doing what he dreamed of as soon as he was fired 9-5 but not only that: he took a big part in making sure he walked every day of his life – he left his house, sold all his belongings, and started living a simple life! He has been walking ever since and never looked back. His book, Shooting Star, has won several honors for writing; there is also a walking clothing line that raises funds for forestry in Uttarakhand!

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