Travelling Whereas Feminine: Contained in the World of an Indian Girl Traveller

Staying out of a suitcase can be fun and exciting, and many people choose to share what they have tried through texts or videos. These Indian women travelers have seen the high and the low (real-world) and have revealed their stories for the world to see and learn from. She tells us her experience and what it is like to be an Indian woman who loves to travel.

Alka Kaushik (COM)SendTransit)

Have you encountered travel blogs repeating the same words about travel? Not on LyfInTransit. Jack of a lot of business, Alka Kaushik started blogging in 2011. On the sea of ​​English blogs, he decided to go the other way with a travel blog in India. While many spend most of their time advertising, Kaushik simply took a closer look at his travels. He started receiving eyeballs when he started sending his travels to foreign destinations – Siachen Glacier, Harappan’s Dholavira page, Askot at Arakot Yatra. His work attracted the attention of an editor at the Dainik Tribune and soon, he was rewriting it. His writings are pure and poetic, while he possesses the highest level of knowledge.

Any travel tips?

“It is very important to find out about the area beforehand. Ask around, do your homework, and don’t just hang out with suspicious people or places. I always have confidence and a constant smile. And I wear sari on trips, it gives a message beyond what I say. “

Choice of Women’s Month tour for all?

“That life is one of experimentation and the world is your lab. Walk with courage, let go of your fears and doubts and follow what you love. Besides, you only have one life!”

Shivya Nath

Chikodi Nath (Shooting Star)

Many people live in their offices, dreaming of a life full of travel and entertainment. In 2011, Shivya Nath decided to pursue her dream and quit her corporate career for a living. His blog not only looks at the frustrations and experiences of the locals they are looking for, but also offers advice. But what distinguishes his blog is the encouragement and understanding of traveling around the world and living a life without eating. “Walking and writing about my travels, while re-enlightening about stability and veganism is my life now.”

Do women have a showcase on the go?
Most of the online travel sites would be dominated by western men or women. Black women, especially from this part of the world, are a very small minority. ”

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Like anything else in life, do not let anyone tell you that what you want in a trip is stupid, impossible or impossible. ”

Mridula Dwivedi (Travel News From India & Abroad)

The internet has taken over our lives for the past few years, yet there was a time when blogs were new to the market and gained interest. The first bird to play, Mridula Dwivedi joined the venue in 2005. He followed in the footsteps of his sister and brother-in-law. “In those days there was a close-knit group, everyone knew each other!”, He says. Dwivedi has been documenting his travels around the world for many years and is building a large bank. For those who may be looking for old military ideas in various places, this is a blog to consider.

Any safety tips?

“I did some research in advance. I make sure I arrive in the afternoon if it is a new world for me. I look for local women. If they are close by most of the time the place is nice but if I don’t see the local women, I can go out! “

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“I would say don’t follow what is happening, follow your heart! There is no right way to travel as long as we are aware of the local customs and the place where we live, every step is good! ”

Divya Dugar

Having a friend to spend time with on your travels can be fun, especially when you bring a close friend. Journalist Divya Dugar took a different route (some might say better) and started walking with her dogs — Marco Polo and Tigress. About two and a half years ago, Dugar and her husband lost their dog Pondi. This brought an idea to him not to take the animals lightly, giving them a chance to spend the rest of their lives. So with his dogs Marco Polo and Tigress, he set off on his journey to Goa. His travels have attracted the attention of many media outlets, who have been curious about the different lifestyles that a person can take with a friend they don’t travel with.

What is it like to travel with pets?

“When you walk with an animal, everything is different. You cannot visit these places or restaurants. You had to make your own way and this made things fun. There was a surprise. After Goa, we have made over 52 trips across the country. We went to a few places, small hotels, interesting people with the same interest and met with great kindness in ways I never expected. This is how my travels changed. ”

Women’s Month Choice for All?

“Every woman has to go out and spend time with her in private. And if you are a foster parent, please go with your pets as it is a great way to view and experience a space that is unusual in India. ”

Ankita sinha

Ankita SinhaAnki On Travel)

This is for those who enjoy drawing and visuals. With an award-winning well-designed blog, Ankita Sinha creates things related to destination, culture, and fashion! You can also find interesting conversations with local people. Formerly a professional pigeon, Sinha the first head of a dove is an 18-day journey, traveling over 5,000 miles in India. His blog focuses on bringing a few aspects of the journey and people back to the forefront. During the eight years he has been doing this, he has been able to identify from several books and present his TED talk.

What did you learn from the trip?

“The biggest lesson I learned during my trip was to let my family know, especially when I was alone. I have also learned how to be organized. I carry a small load when I walk here. I have hard copies and a lot of my soft ones. I have also learned to be more confident and confident in the face of adversity. ”

Choice of Women’s Month tour for all?

“Take courage. At this juncture, where we are well connected, and the prices for flying airplanes are good, there is no reason for your burning feet to be on the ground. Level up, fly and find a way to do what you want to happen. Take your call and let the free bird (which every woman has inside) fly. ”

Lakshmi Sharath

Another blogger, Lakshmi Sharath re-launched her blog in 2005. She strongly believes that the content should relate to and explain the culture and people of the area. He plays as a spectator and not the title. His blog has won several accolades. With more than five continents and 50 countries in its history, the content is relevant and useful. “Walking is a very humble walk. You realize that you are just a speck in the very personality of the people you meet. And you learn to mix with air. Most importantly you learn that it is not just about you. “

Any travel tips?

“There are some important things, such as knowing where you are, you need to know that you can rely on your gut and your genes. You need to connect. And this is important because in today’s world, everyone wants to show off on their journey and in themselves. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be happy, but you should be careful with nature. ”

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“Consider the situation. Climate change is real. Do not carry as much plastic as you can; repair and reuse. And just be obedient and respectful of culture. I think we are too busy with ourselves and our minds. ”

Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel

Who said travel is just about having a great conversation? Beyond culture, heritage and location, YouTube’s Kritika Goel and blog channels take a fresh look at your travels. They have some special ideas such as ‘How to take pictures on your own’ and a few shopping malls with different themes. He has been posting videos on YouTube for three years now and has recorded his tours around India – Varanasi, Kerala, Goa, Vietnam, Thailand. New and handsome, her charming personality is reflected in her blogs and vlogs.

Any travel tips?

“I have a lot of travel documents and I keep my digital ID on my phone. You should always check the weather for the destination and pack it. ”

Choice of Women’s Month tour for all?
I feel that every woman has to walk alone once. It can be as important as spending a day on a family trip, or taking a day to explore for yourself in your city, but it’s very inspiring and I wish everyone had experienced it. ”

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