Travelling Artwork Exhibition on the Library

Hanna Library is excited to host the “Altered Realities” show this month, courtesy of The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and The Esplande. This is a great opportunity to see amazing art from Alberta artists – for free!

Altered Realities features Canmore artist David Foxcroft and Calgary artist Kristine Zingeler. In this work, Foxcroft and Zingeler use techniques for creating complex collages. Each artist has a unique approach, however; Foxcroft uses ten of their graphics to create a clear, intangible space, while Zingeler uses graphic images from color-coded textbooks to create world-class objects. Unlike paintings or sculptures, which are believed to represent the world, his writings appear to refer only to the invisible, the inner or the natural. It challenges the audience and raises serious questions: What are these skills? What is it trying to say? And what should we do about it? ”1 All of these paintings are written in a natural way,” first the real world, then the smallest detail, until the image is exactly the same as the original. “

Seventeen activities highlight the well-known and non-practical aspects of reality. Each artist method combines several complex techniques and requires the right skills. Combination, collage, photography and digital editing are integrated, and together, create realistic edits. The exhibition was edited by Xanthe Isbister and organized by the Esplande Arts and Heritage Center.

“True Updates” are available for public viewing from the library from October 8 – November 3. The library is open to the public Tuesday from 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call 403-854-3865 or email at the library @ for more information.

New to Library

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