Travel, Tourism & Hospitality New portal permits travellers to e-book Covid-19 exams world wide

Pure Health, a senior laboratory operator in the GCC, has set up a platform for international travel to register Covid-19 tests before traveling and traveling from anywhere in the world.

The new website affects 1,284 licensed networks worldwide.

The site lists nationally accredited labs to help riders test more easily. Travelers to and from any armed country can sign up to display the page by typing in information such as country, city and lab selected on the site.

Pramodh BN, Head of Sales, Pure Health, said: “We are pleased to partner with international airlines and pilots on this project, which aims to help people navigate safely and peacefully to wherever they may be required to be PCR Covid-19. for Covid-19 in all of these countries for outgoing people, who are able to reserve the time to meet the standard laboratory accredited by qualified and health aircraft. ”

“This site helps riders to register and get the job done. It also allows laboratories to change and report results in selected countries, “he added.

Pure Health has established the world’s largest group of laboratories around the world including the largest Covid-19 test in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia with a capacity for 80,000 RT-PCR tests and 110,000 laboratory tests per day. it’s a day.

The company provides the pioneer with medical answers and is one of the largest websites in the world, with 118 labs and more than 1,000 medical professionals nationwide.

Earlier this year, in collaboration with the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), Pure Health launched an online website, where riders heading to the UAE can register for Covid-19 testing in their home countries via an official laboratory network. – NewsArabia Service

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