Travel questions answered as we hesitate to e-book holidays

Column by Lynne letter, Grantham consultant,

There has been a lot of uncertainty in terms of modern travel guidelines, and I think most of us are reluctant to commit to saving our 2021 vacation and beyond.

I hope many of us have the same questions we want to answer, to encourage us to go again.

Lynne Page (37469076)

What if I have booked my vacation and resumes lost if I have to travel?

What if I have to cancel my vacation because of Covid symptoms?

What if the country I was going to went to was blocked and we had nowhere to go?

What if I got sick with Covid while on vacation?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions right now.

My first advice is to show you that you have enough travel insurance and, if you are going outside of Europe, you will have a cover all over the world.

Second, ask your host or tour guide to give you a cash advance and to save your vacation. Are ABTA and ATOL protected? Does it include a cover that includes the restructuring, suspension or reservation of your free reservation, if it would be affected by FCO guidelines?

Does your site have Covid policies in place? Some hotel chains provide free medical care for you and your family, if you show symptoms when you are with them.

We all work hard to pay for our vacation and we must always maintain peace of mind that we will be cared for before, during, and after.

The right weather shouldn’t stop you from booking your next trip and giving you what to expect. Just stay safe.

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