Travel guide evaluation: A Stroll within the Woods, by Invoice Bryson | Travel

A Walking in the Woods begins, as there is no motivating travelogue to do, going the countless ways to die on the Appalachian Trail. There are anti-tree, lightning, bears; emergency visual acuity and eastern encephalitis. Then you come to “loony hillbillies unstable because of the bad corn drink”. There’s no time in the opening pages that you feel you want to go to. But Bill Bryson shouldn’t sell, should he?

The Appalachian Trail is the “granddaughter of the long trek”, which runs 2,100 miles east of America from Georgia to Maine. “It flows through fourteen territories,” Bryson writes, “across the beautiful mountains whose names – Blue Ridge Smokies, Green Mountains – seem to be invited to do so.” Known for its complexity –

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