Travel ebook evaluate: Information from Tartary, by Peter Fleming | Travel

PThe well-known culture is replete with stories of collisions with Brits that meet abroad. But decades before Michael Palin set off “across the Andes with the frog” in Boy’s Own parody Ripping Yarns, Peter Fleming – the brother of author James Bond Ian – embarked on a 3,500-mile journey from Beijing, as Beijing was then called, to India. .

The book he released, News from Tartary, has been celebrated / acclaimed for establishing the style of the actors from Albion since then, making it the only independent, accessible way for anyone from Eric Newby to Geoff Dyer.

In 1935, when Ella Maillart, 28, 28, of Fleming and Switzerland set out on a seven-month tour of Tartary – as recorded

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