Travel e-book offers new Siem Reap expertise via inventive eyes

Born out of the dialogue between artists, a new travel book has been created that will give active visitors a unique look within the city of Siem Reap, a country of the former Khmer Empire, through skilled professionals.

Called Siem Reap: A Designer’s Perspection, the first book on the design of Siem Reap was launched last week by Urbanland, an Cambodian award maker. It is a collaboration between Hok Kang architect and founder and executive director of Urbanland, and Nataly Lee, a Cambodian designer, artist and writer. All of them are interested in promoting Cambodian art worldwide and are committed to supporting the Cambodian creative team.

The book aims to strengthen the Siem Reap River. Offered

“The idea for the book came from a lot of conversations I had with my best friend and co-worker, Lee,” says Hok. “We have a lot of interest and respect in Mina Reap, and we always discuss how we can do our little part by producing the best city in the world.”

“Hok and I saw the need to put the Mina Reap on the map based on its skill and design, and show the world that Cambodia is more than just temples and slaughterhouses,” Lee adds.

“This book is for the benefit of the audience, not just for the regular tourist attractions, but for the real people and real businesses that make up the city. It is well-published and well-crafted and its writing is systematic and poetic, ”he said.

Pages with artistic images of Siem Reap. Offered

Divided into four sections – accommodation, food and beverage, art and design and research – Siem Reap: A Designer’s Perspector showcases the city’s attractions, featuring more than 200 paintings of rivers, temples, pagodas and poems by Siem Kololani and his people. It also includes photographs of Lylean Lee, as well as a magnificent map of the city’s temples, pagodas and other landscapes known to the maker of Monnyreak Ket and printed on the highest quality paper – making it a great collaboration among artists in the Kingdom.

According to Hok, part of the city’s main vision is to help rehabilitate the Siem Reap River into a thriving, hospitable and local community in the future. He believes that Siem Reap has many opportunities to attract tourists from all over the world, including the picturesque Tonle Sap Lake, the largest seaport in Southeast Asia.

“Siem Reap without this river would not be a dynamic city – that’s why we have to protect it,” says Hok.

“When you drive a car or walk along a tree with many trees, and the breeze in the air is free of magic. My dream is to see the river turn into leaves, a white community center filled with public art and more, “he adds.

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