Travel blogger’s tour helps encourage ‘staycations’

With the COVID-19 epidemic that leaves many uncertain about travel, Visit Hot Springs has promoted the idea of ​​”accommodation” for residents of Hot Springs, as well as through the support of the traveling blogger “One Girl Wandering,” now new ideas from visitors. it has been right under the nose of ordinary people.

Go to Hot Springs Director of Marketing Bill Solleder said an advertising campaign called “Best City Holiday,” which is another way to convey the idea of ​​“living space,” began in early May.

“We felt we were fleeing the epidemic, people might just want to get closer,” Solleder said. “So maybe you should just walk out of the house in Hot Springs and go and remind yourself that we have some of the best attractions in the state, and we have the best restaurants, and maybe even call a babysitter and enjoy every hotel.”

“One Girl Wandering,” also known as Lindsay, went to Spa City last month and posted on her blog at The message was titled “The Best Things to Do in Hot Springs, AR.”

“If it’s not on your radar already, Hot Springs should be where you’re going,” Lindsay said at the opening. “It has everything I look for in the city, beautiful outdoor scenery, beautiful town, specialty shops and I eat well!”

In the process, he showcased The Waters Hotel, Superior Bath House, Quapaw Baths & Spa, Garvan Woodland Gardens, Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, a small urban shopping center, Hot Springs Mountain Tower, and, Hot Springs National Park.

From his stay at The Waters Hotel, he realized it was located in the heart of Hot Springs on Central Avenue across from Bathhouse Row, which is the “best” place for Hot Springs.

“How can I put this down a bit? The rooms are nice and have very good beds,” he said. “I’m not kidding when I say, this is one of the best beds I’ve ever had in a hotel. I can also confirm the type of AC, often in a well-known indoor air venue is not popular but not in The Waters, it will be nice and comfortable even in summer.”

In addition to the “amazing” rooms at the hotel, Lindsay said there is also The Rooftop Bar.

“You have to go and see for yourself after sundown,” he said. “Checking out the city and National Park is the best way to get your evening off while drinking and nibbles.”

Another stop on the menu, went to the Superior Bath House.

“(It’s) beer is a restaurant in a bathroom set up at the end of Bathhouse Row and I get this – they use hot water to drink their beer and beer,” he said. “You’d be sad if you didn’t go ahead and get a drink and bite to eat.”

Lindsay opted for a Superior chicken sandwich paired with root beer.

“I really appreciate the chicken sandwich; take a fried ‘Bock Bock’ with a dry Tajin towel,” he said. “Although I haven’t tried any beer (enjoyed by all brands) I found the root of the beer….

In an effort to relax, he said Hot Springs would not be an expert without access to hot water and its preferred location is Quapaw Baths & Spa.

“Back in the daytime, hot springs are believed to cure water, and you can now enjoy the same water that has been bringing visitors to Hot Springs for years,” he said. “The main attraction in Quapaw is the 4,000-year-old Cold Carbon cold-water pool and contains silk, calcium, magnesium, free carbon dioxide, bicarbonate and sulfate. There are four large swimming pools, each at different temperatures.”

He added that in addition to the oil waves, Quapaw also has a spa filled with massage, face and private baths.

Another exciting activity he chose was a visit to Garvan Woodland Gardens; referring to Anthony Chapel and Bob and Sunny Evans Tree House as the two main attractions in the gardens.

“Anthony Chapel is a beautiful glass and timber living in the woods,” OGW said. “Bob and Sunny Evans Tree House are part of the Evans Children’s Adventure Garden and were designed to promote education for children. However, this adult loved this too!”

He also said there is no “bad time” to visit the fields, but the “Bloom Calendar” is available on its page for visitors to see what will happen when they visit.

The last major project OGW did was with Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort.

“Oaklawn is the first attraction in Arkansas that’s why I had to stand up and explore,” he said. “This casino is very new … (and) while there I stopped at the Silks Bar and Grill for dinner and had a very delicious Reuben sandwich.”

When it came to exploring the town, he said he spent a few hours looking at the mall and the mall.

“One of my favorite things is Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium, this shop smells so good,” he said. “And what more reminder from Spa City than any other swimming pool in your area?”

In its urban competition, OGW also featured Eagles and Cupcakes of Fat Bottomed Girl, Mountain Valley Spring Water, The Gangster Museum of America, Collective Coffee + Tea, and history from all over the region.

“I learned a lot about Hot Springs history and I was able to dedicate myself to a little travel,” he said. “Highlights include the Hot Springs Baseball Trail which also includes a lot of spring education at Hot Springs. … Make sure you see the Grand Promenade behind the Bathhouse Row, it’s a beautiful way to make bricks and you shouldn’t miss it!”

When it comes to urban dining, OGW has nominated a Collegiate.

“I had lunch there, and decided to order from the” healthy “section of their selection,” he said. “I have Blissful Balance which is naan already filled with basil pesto, cilantro, pear, Sriracha sauce, fried egg, and lemon juice. It was useless and now I will try to stay home! I also have a lated rose latte and iced mint matcha , it was all fun. “

On his most lucrative trip, OGW strayed from town to take a walk in the park.

“In the suburbs it’s really part of the park and there are a lot of trails that start and pass through the area,” he said. “I walked early in the morning on the Gulpha Gorge road and it was a great way to enjoy the forest. The trail is near the Gulpha Gorge camp and the first section passes through Gulpha Creek which is very beautiful.”

“If you like the view,” he continued, “then you will not miss the Mountain Tower. This attraction offers the view of the city of Hot Springs and the beautiful Ouachita mountains. You can spend as much time as you like above enjoying the views.”

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