Travel Bloggers Greece Returns to Travel and Explores Argolida

Travel Blogger Greece (TBG), the first group of bloggers in the country, recently spent four days in Argolida in the Peloponnese to review their destination choices and showcase local, environmental and food attractions.

The trip to Argolida was the group’s first trip since Greece reopened its movement after the closure of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Eight members of Travel Blogger Greece were detained by the Tourism Association of Tolo, which pursued a number of security measures in accordance with Covid-19 national regulations.

“We are living in a special moment right now, and as travel bloggers we have a responsibility to showcase new realities, which are not difficult, but we feel it is our responsibility to continue. supporting Greek sites and businesses in any way we can, ”says Elena Sergeeva, co-founder of Travel Blogger Greece.

“The Tourism Association of Tolo did a great job in planning the trip, with a focus on safety and security measures … We want to show our followers and readers that travel is possible, as long as we all have a responsibility to follow new health policies,” he added.

Quickly adapting to current guidelines for health and safety procedures and changing customer needs, the trip was also a case in point. ways to protect and disrupt social order essential when traveling.

Due to its small size, natural proximity and open space, the members found that Tolo is a good place to visit for international and foreign tourists.

“We were delighted to welcome members of Travel Blogger Greece in Tolo and look forward to their next visit to Tolo,” said Tolo Tourism Association President Giannis Georgidakis.

During their travels, bloggers visited local sites and monuments including Ancient Assini, the Asklepieion Stadium in Epidaurus and the ancient city of Mycenae. The program also included a visit to local producers and a study of ouzo distillation, beekeeping and virgin olive oil production, as well as agricultural inputs in the area.

Travel Blogger Greece networks have already worked with a number of domestic and foreign sites as well as hundreds of tourist attractions. They are dedicated to showing off their unique landscapes and promoting Greece as their ideal destination for all seasons.

Current TBG members are: Anthomeli, Family Events Blog, Bachelor of Travel, Unlimited Travel with K, Travel Tips, Passion in Greece / Passion for Hospitality, Provocolate, Travel Greece Travel Europe, and Travel Passionate. International members include Travel With Mansoureh (UK) and Todd Hata (USA).

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