Travel Blogger Sarah Kim Says Fibromyalgia Impressed Her To Weblog

Women are more likely than men to have their symptoms removed or reduced by medical professionals. When diagnosed with the disorder, they often experience embarrassment and judgment. With this in mind, WH created a package of “Owning It” – which highlights a variety of women who are difficult and cognizant who have decided to improve their health. We hope that their stories will help women everywhere to be motivated and to get the right care.

In my early 20s I was a CPA in New York. I hated my job, and I was always going, going, going.

Then, in December 2012, I started to feel a stab that started from the bottom to the legs. The nerve pain spread all over my body, even on my face, and I began to experience chronic stomach problems, pimples, and stomach cramps.

I tested a ton, and it all didn’t work out: arthritis, diabetes, heavy metal poisoning. It was several years before the doctor mentioned fibromyalgia. People with it often go through the same process of getting tested for certain things and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia when nothing else can happen.

I felt terrible, and I was angry and overworked. I thought, Now is the time to move on and try something new. My husband was now engaged, and I asked him to ask his company to relocate us. But after we were transferred to Amsterdam in 2015, I stayed in bed for 8 to 10 hours a day, relying on my husband, financially and physically. My hands hurt so much that I could not wash the dishes. I would leave the door open while I was taking a shower, so that I might call her to help me get out of the bathroom.

I needed to know what to do from the bed. That’s why I started blogging, and that’s how my travel blog, Lust ’Till Dawn, came to be. Now I wake up and look forward to working. When I don’t feel well but need to photograph a client, I force myself to go and do it. Without a blog, I didn’t know I could do that, but I am.

I have been through a lot of treatment for the past four years, and this year, I found a team of doctors who help me. I can see the difference: When I moved to Lisbon in 2016, I picked up a ton of Ubers. Now, I can walk.

The article was released in early March 2020 for Women Health.

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