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Everything is going well these days, so how much more so should tourism be different! Sahib Singh, who promises to travel many times, believes so. Instead, walk carefully with your deepest convictions. This ‘digital nomad’ feels that nature is one of the most beautiful gifts we have received from our parents and it is our responsibility not to disturb our future generations.

Other than that, he insists on what his father taught him on the trip. His father told Sahib that ‘life is like a journey; People often forget to enjoy the trip. He added to his father’s wisdom by saying, “Walking like me is like meditation; it helps me to be happy, and in my opinion, we should always do what pleases us.”

Instead, the Sahib created a travel mission. Coming from a small but beautiful Mandi area in Himachal Pradesh, he began to travel as a badminton player. About those days, Sahib says, “I used to travel as a sport, under which I knew how I liked it, but after the game, we never got a chance to know anything about the place. I always wanted to take pictures and write about my travels. I already knew that travel blogs were a good job and that was what I chose to be a blogger for. ”

This is how he became one of the most trusted bloggers in India. Instead, his Instagram handle, @travellingindian, with about 30K followers, is a testament to his close relationship with nature and travel.

He is a graduate of the University of Delhi, has played badminton at the international level and holds a diploma in swimming.

In the meantime, he has traveled to Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and more.

In addition to going for fun, Sahib believes that we should also be aware of the complexities of our carelessness in the travel environment. By neglecting our habits, we ruin the environment in which we go. This is why, perhaps, its main purpose is to ‘promote reliable and trustworthy tourism through my blogs. “

His unique skills as a photographer add to his journey of adventure that he continues to share with his fans on television. With so many other places to go in the future, this traveling blogger is on the right path for life!

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