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Zu Beck traveled more than 700 kilometers on his journey.
From Beck / YouTube

One of Poland’s most famous bloggers has cycled the length of the southern Polish border from west to east as part of a series of challenges that caused him to travel around 100 miles a day.

Eva Zu Beck, who has more than 700,000 YouTube subscribers and more than half a million followers on Instagram and Facebook, decided to make the 700-kilometer trip probably because the coronavirus ban closed some foreign trips, and because she wanted to pay tribute to her grandfather after his death, a travel writer who promoted his career.

Well-prepared at the beginning of his 10-day journey.From Beck / Facebook

To extend his visit, Zu Beck decided to opt out of electronics, relying on paper maps.

After traveling 150 miles[150 km]on his third day of exhaustion, he told his YouTube audience:

“This problem is not using Google Maps. One of the problems is that you don’t know the exact distance because it’s hard to tell on the map and if you get lost you can easily add 15 miles on a trip like I did yesterday. ”

Zu Beck set up camp on the road.From Beck / Facebook

Zu Beck’s route took him from the German-Poland border near Görlitz to the Polish-Ukrainian border more than 700 kilometers. His route took him about 100 miles more than the best route from Google would have been for a cyclist but as he said, he took a few unexpected routes.

On Day 5 Zu Beck traveled from outside Katowice to the outside of Kraków, and shouted “this is happening,” as he cycled through the quiet streets, surrounded by nature and landscapes such as the mysterious beauty of southern Poland.

The cyclist and his weapons.From Beck / Facebook

The final stretch can be covered by taking a rural route, taking in the wonders of southern Poland or enjoying the small but fascinating cities such as Tarnów, Debica and Rzeszów.

The sixth day of her trip was interrupted by continuous rain but it gave Zu Beck time to recover and remember her grandparents whose visits encouraged her. She translated one of her articles into travel magazines that left her and it helped and encouraged her.

His strategy got him off the beaten path. From Beck / YouTube

His grandfather wrote: “I have noticed that one thing changes in me. “I have lost all my heart. The miles are no longer interesting to me, even though there are 100, 200 or 600 of them, I don’t care because I have to cross the whole distance. So I am no longer afraid of length and the same applies to time, whether I have to be on the road for three or 17 hours, what is the difference? Either way, I have to get to my destination. I just get in my car and I ride to the far end and live peacefully until I get to my destination. I will not allow that to bother me anymore. Anyone who cannot change this kind of life or who does not love this kind of life cannot be a real traveler. To be a true traveler, one must have good manners. ”

Zu Beck on the border of Ukraine.From Beck / Facebook

Even the comforting words of his grandfather Zu Beck suffered after the rain, not knowing how far and how far he had to go. Luckily there were many long roads surrounded by fields and tall trees, a storm was behind him and clouds of cloud led him to his destination.

The path Zu Beck took.From Beck / YouTube

“Most days, I spend 10-12 hours on a bike, riding, pushing, smiling, screaming, crying, thinking, walking, and longing for it to end,” she wrote on her Instagram page. “Three days ago, I spent a lot of time promising that I would never ride my bike again. These are the times that make us. You fall into deep pits, very dark, you think you will never recover, you think you can never do it again but then you realize you have experienced the worst. So you gather, you get up, and you keep walking. Up and down hills, rain or light, in the darkest time, you are walking. Truly, the world is for the brave. ”

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