Travel Blogger Ciara Johnson Will Maintain Your Wanderlust Goals Alive RN

There are many promoters whose experiences make you want to give up everything and go to the airport before you can take the picture twice. But if you want to be available, pack a sweat, and have a hot tea at the destination and a cost-effective place, you want to follow someone you can trust. Former Elite Daily writer and travel blogger Ciara Johnson not only has an Instagram full of photos to go around with chic outfits, but also calls herself a “reg girl”. [people] how to walk. ”

Whether he gives his fans a shower of what they should have, revealing his fears when speaking at a budget trip, or shouting at all of us who are expecting a suitcase full of anticipation, Johnson’s fans respect him for being able to keep it real at all times. And while not moving yet, Johnson has been painting water using just a short time to keep his walking blogs alive.

I spoke to her about Elite Daily’s How I Care about how they are satisfying her travels and keeping her fresh IG food during the coronavirus epidemic.

Here is where he isolates himself: Houston, Texas with his family

His favorite photography software: Lightroom and Tezza App

Its zodiac sign: He is “truly faithful [and] A lover of goals “Capricorn

Local restaurants can’t wait to arrive: Filters-A

Response to IG on travel: We don’t stop for Gold

First destination destinations: “Mexico, because it’s a two-hour trip, is a cheap flight, and I can stay on the beach very quickly.”

Three countries that can’t wait to move: Greece, southern France, and Turkey

She is keeping her food fresh.

I have included a variety of hiking tools and my favorite TV shows [and] movies [on my Instagram]. I did podcasts, and now I sing songs and lists that people can listen to in private to help them escape.

He’s going – it’s music.

I have a number of lists that were recommended for travel, with artists around the world, travel or hiking songs, [and] things like that. And really, happily enough, I just made one of my own blog. I watch a lot of Netflix movies and videos in Spanish [and also] international films.

Ciara Johnson

Its memorable journey is a complete vibe, so take your board.

I did an 80-day international tour last year with Airbnb, so it was great. We went on a trip to Kenya; we traveled to 18 different countries.

He’s just an ant like you are.

Ine [miss the] the right to come with [go], and research; [just to go] as I wish. No more freedom of movement. This, as well as the freedom to know if I want to go to a coffee shop, I can. [If] I’ll go out with people, I can. Therefore, the only freedom.

Even travel bloggers need a break.

This moment has taught me that I really need some time and I appreciate the simplicity because I have been walking for the past three years. You’re just moving fast and you don’t have time to slow down and do this on a regular basis. That’s why it’s good to have fun and have fun.

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