Transport Secretary proclaims as much as £three million for coach companies to satisfy Christmas travel demand 

  • up to £ 3 million to be used to provide another 80,000 additional teaching seats on the Christmas tour window (23 to 27 December 2020)
  • this includes recently released methods to support safe travel during leisure time
  • passengers were encouraged to plan ahead, reserve a seat and follow instructions if they decide to travel

A package of up to $ 3 million that will enable administrators to make additional contributions to the Christmas window, today (December 12, 2020) has been announced by the Secretary of Transport of Grant Shapps.

The government is working with coach companies, including National Express, megabus and Snap – all of which provide a network of Great Britain training – to ensure that additional services are provided in the Christmas tour window (23 to 27 December), including Christmas Day and Sun.

People are reminded that even if they decide to go this Christmas, they should be careful and careful about what might happen to avoid frustration, as attendance may be limited and they may not be able to travel to the job they love.

They should also ensure that:

  • always raise their hands
  • wear a face mask unless you have none
  • a conversation that is possible on the go

Coach users here are using reduced networks due to COVID-19 exposure on demand. The money announced today will help employers increase their workload to 75% of pre-epidemic relief services – helping more people move safely to their Christmas home if they wish. The move could create another 80,000 seats available.

The government has made it possible for people to travel to make Christmas foam, made up of at least three families, between 23 and 27 December. Anyone traveling to or from Northern Ireland can travel on 22 and 28 December.

To reduce confusion and help people flow safely to the bubble, the government introduced a number of measures last week, including:

  • lifting 100 km on the roads
  • promoting railway operations
  • stopping and speeding up construction projects
  • cutting ticket prices

The new support system for organized teachers is based on this and ensures that, in the event of pressure on railway jobs, people will have access to alternative modes of transport.

Automotive Secretary Grant Shapps, said:

We’ve already laid out the basics for a successful Christmas tour. Today’s financial announcement of the coaches ’section is moving forward, ensuring that there are other options that people who want to go to celebrate with loved ones and friends.

We remind everyone that it is important to plan their trip and reserve a place in the future, to consider other riders or co-workers on our networks, and to follow the instructions, including the location and dressing in the face, unless appropriate, by car.

Christmas superintendent Sir Peter Hendy said:

This is acceptable, as it provides some of the safest COVID safe to drive at Christmas time. I will continue to make sure to get everyone to their Christmas bags safely. Please write first to help achieve this.

Alison Edwards, Head of Policy at The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK, said:

The epidemic has made it difficult to run the coaches’ operations. It is interesting to see that this is approved by the government. The coaches provide the necessary transportation over the Christmas period and will be operational throughout the festive period, including on Christmas Day. This investment means that more coaches on our roads will help people to travel easier and reduce stress on the ground.

Chris Hardy, General Manager, National Express Coach, said:

Keeping the big machines in the UK has been difficult but we have worked hard to find a safe, low carbon footprint during the holiday season.

These funds will enable us to increase the number of alternatives, create new jobs and expand other areas during our 23 to 27 December.

First we will be increasing the network distance and increasing the number of cars and seats available on the roads as needed. The flexibility of the coach system means that we are able to respond to our demands and to quickly and safely add covid-protected methods.

Mark Venables, Managing Director of megabus, said:

Road trips continue to play an important role in connecting communities, and are even more important this year as people travel to meet their families and loved ones at Christmas.

We are delighted to have worked with the UK Department of Transport to secure thousands of seats on our megabus coaches this Christmas, and we will be working on all the festive days, including Christmas Day.

Chairs are selling fast, so we encourage people to plan for the future and reserve their seats as soon as possible. Our megabus services provide safe, environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, easy-to-use and flexible solutions and provide another great way to drive.

Thomas Ableman, Founder & CEO of Snap, said:

We are happy to help people see their families at Christmas. Our network of excellent training guides is ready to take people wherever they want to go with safety, security and a smile. We know that people also appreciate the small businesses in the area this year, so we are confident that they will continue to do so by booking their trips with a local trainer through Snap.

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