Trafalgar Clients Declare Firm Is ‘Holding Cash Hostage’ After Holidays Canceled Due To Pandemic – CBS Denver

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Laurie Daniels, from Aurora, is working hard to recoup thousands of dollars after her dream trip to Italy over the COVID-19 epidemic. He also said that Trafalgar, the world’s largest multibillion-dollar-a-year-old company, according to human history, not only “snatches” him, but many others throughout the country.

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Daniels and a friend planned a “final trip” to Italy, to celebrate their upcoming vacation. They all paid around $ 12,000 for the trip. Daniels said he chose Trafalgar, because he had traveled to Europe with the company in the past.

“I thought it was a great company,” Daniels said. “But if I can visit again, it won’t be with Trafalgar.”

When the plague hit, the trip was canceled, but unlike many other travel companies, Trafalgar refused to reimburse him for the nearly $ 6,000 he paid. Instead, Trafalgar granted him a travel loan on a future vacation, but in the midst of these uncertain times, Daniels did not want to keep it.

“There is no guarantee of when this will end, and when it will be safe for us to travel,” Daniels said.

CBS4 researchers Kati Weis interviews Laurie Daniels. (credit: CBS)

Although Daniels also purchased travel insurance, the company refused to reimburse. As a result, Mr. Daniels filed a credit card dispute, claiming that he did not receive the goods and services he paid for.

“(The dispute) is in full swing now, Visa Corporation and Chase are both supporting me,” Daniels said.

Daniels also said that after Trafalgar refused to be reimbursed, the company sent him shares and conditions that were different from what they had agreed upon when they booked the trip. The opinion he accepted on the reservation was based on a different, incomplete, restrictive opinion than the company that sent him when he refused the refund.

The statement, made before the epidemic, did not mention the “no-return” policy.

“They cheated on you, because if you ask for money, they will come back and tell you, ‘This is what your contract said, here are your ideas and your agreement, and why we can’t get your money back,’ but the words and offers are not in your policy when you sign up. .

Daniels’ is not alone. There is a Facebook page where many people are frustrated by the lack of funding, and there are a number of unresolved grievances on the Better Business Bureau page which also express frustration over the lack of refunds of thousands of dollars on travel.

“Mine is a little drop in the bucket compared to knowing what he’s holding and refusing to come back,” Daniels said.

Daniels’ friend was finally reimbursed two weeks ago after he stopped arguing with his credit card, but had to leave much of the company before accepting it.

“Trafalgar is now slowly reimbursing those who write the letter, and are being pressured to donate more medicine to HIPAA, stating why they will not be able to travel for the next few years, and give good reasons,” Daniels said.

(credit: CBS)

Daniels claims that his friend will not receive the money for another 90 to 120 days.

“It’s just a matter of stealing money from people as much as they can,” Daniels said.

Daniels Travel Supervisor, who assisted him in writing the trip, confirms to CBS4 that out of the nearly 10 travel companies whose customers have booked their tours, Trafalgar is the only company that has not reimbursed promptly due to epidemics.

The US president in Trafalgar declined to comment on the company’s reasons for refusing to reimburse other customers.

Instead, the Prophet of Trafalgar sent CBS4 the following:

“Trafalgar is working with its guests and travelers around the world to get through this time, including the launch of the Future Travel Credit program, which also provides access to all travel destinations from now until 2022. We are a company built on hospitality and understanding. We look forward to welcoming guests back in 2021 and encouraging reservists to contact our guest contact department to discuss alternatives.

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