Touring in Instances of the Pandemic: Assets and Solutions

To walk or not to walk: a very difficult question to answer now that the world is full of a seemingly endless scourge.

The decision to move or not is a very personal one, which is why I do not recommend it here. It’s up to you to decide, and honestly, I don’t know what to do myself!

But one thing is certain, a good decision is based on truth and solid knowledge. That is why I would like to write to you here everything I have found that I rely on to decide whether to travel or not, to go when.

Please note that most of the information below is mainly for Canadians. Also, things change all the time (!!), so check back often.

Government of Canada website

The Government of Canada provides advice to any country in the world. This information also affects whether your insurance will cover you in another country, which is why it is important to check.

It is important to read everything carefully, because sometimes there are information provided in different parts of the country, such as a region where it is dangerous to travel, but the whole country is safe.

Click here for more information on Canadian government information, available in English and French.

CDC Travel Health CDs

On this page, you will find information from the CDC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about your health and the Covid-19 government around the world.

For example, they may advise you to avoid unnecessary travel to other parts of the world because of the epidemic (Level 3 alert).

Level 2 information, for example, very careful, identifies countries where things are well managed and therefore not dangerous for travelers.

Finally, the 1st warning, “take the usual precautions”, lists countries that do not have Covid-19. And yes, there are countries where it is safe to travel, even here during the plague.

Click here to view CDC security tips.

COVID-19 Self-Testing Tool

To find out if you need a test, test yourself here with a quick scan and you will know if your infection is related to Covid-19.

IAMAT Covid-19 Operational Map

On this page you will find a world map, and click on the countries, you can see their entry requirements, up to more than 10 countries for free.

It’s great that it’s a world map, so you can easily see the countries that no one can enter and that accept almost everyone lol

Click here for the full cached page with images included.

IAMAT COVID-19 Ways to Reduce Government Health

Here you can see the ideas being developed by countries to solve problems, travel restrictions, and exclude legal persons. For example, we find that in Canada, when we return from a trip, we have to be alone for 14 days.

Click here for the full cached page with images included.

I will keep this list up to date so that you can have all the information at all times! And if you know of another reliable source, please let me know in the comments section below!

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