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What is it like to walk during the Coronavirus epidemic? Many of our guests shared their tour in the past month. Here is one of the accounts we received from our Enchanting travelers to Europe during the summer.

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Author: Julia Radtke

It was not their first Fun trip: Mrs. Brennhäußer and Schmidt from Nuremberg explored Africa, Asia, and South America with us a few years ago. In 2020, a long summer trip became impossible, but they were not ready to give up their dream of travel. Although they have traveled extensively in Europe in the past, they have come to us to seek out the best experiences they have had on their old Fun Trips: their regular trip with hidden gems, as well as security and safety with your concierge on call 24/7, on land.

Let Mrs. Brennhäußer tell you how much they enjoy their trips to Greece and Portugal!

“We were – as always – satisfied with everything! The best team, the best hotels, the best drivers and drivers, and the best cars. Our long journeys were well organized, we can only imagine this happening again in Europe.

My husband and I don’t like the old trips in the city and that’s why we always plan special events with our travel guides, through which we can get to know the place better. We especially like cooking classes and cooking trips, because the path to the human heart – even when it reaches unknown places – goes through the stomach!

As active foodies, some of the most memorable experiences we have are examples of a delicious cake at Galaxide and a Porto cuisine along with a delicious Portuguese wine. A visit to the magnificent Meteora monastery in northern Athens was another milestone in our life.

I am glad that I have embarked on this journey with Enchanting Travels as their regular travels have a variety of experiences and variety that are difficult to come by, such as touring trips to Porto and our cooking tours.

Expert Advice:
As a tip for anyone who is hesitant to book a trip now, I would say: beautiful cities and tropical places like Athens, Porto, Meteora, and Lisbon have absolutely no visitors here. There are no crowds on the streets and you do not have to wait in line for long. Hotels have fewer guests, and this is especially noticeable in large areas where you can find empty sun beds on the edge of the pool and quieter and quieter than usual.

It was refreshing to see that the Coronavirus-related restrictions in Greece and Portugal were similar to those in Germany. In these countries, masks are legal in confined spaces and among the public they should be maintained at all times. On the plane, we always have to wear masks except when eating and drinking – especially on short trips to Europe where it is easier to fly. When breakfast is served at our hotels, the portions are pre-arranged and stored in a single container, and are always shipped with a drawing sheet.

We did not think that the restrictions would affect our ability in any way.

We are glad we went on both trips in August and did not stay home. With Fun Travel by our side and shopping mall, we are always safe and well-maintained – the most important thing depending on the current situation. So we solved our problems and remembered memorable trips. ”

For more information on current trends, please visit our Coronavirus website.

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