To the Finish of the World by Rupert Everett assessment – witty memoir of a Wilde life | Autobiography and memoir

Rupert Everett was five years old when she first heard the name Oscar Wilde. Lying on a bed under the pink rocks of a pink house somewhere in the center of Essex, the night her mother left the jewelry before dinner to read to her. The story she chose was one of what Wilde had written to the children, the Happy Prince, and she eagerly gave it to her son. When he arrived at the end of a week later, the boy was in tears because of all that he did not understand, then, of his inner nature (“Dear Swallow,” said Kalonga, “you tell me strange, but more amazing than the suffering of men and women”). , as Everett writes, “a courageous journey” from his mother, perhaps the most important part of helping to develop her mind: “This is when I first learned that there is such a thing as love and that it has value. ”

Everett’s new memory, the third, is the story of his longing with Wilde and how he was compelled to make a film about a writer who perished, a decade-long pursuit that, though well done, brought him to the conclusion of the cause. It starts with a fat suit that comes with “male animals and an amazing knee ass” (although middle-aged, Everett is a little younger than the poor Old Man) and ends somewhere a little bit, its author eventually finds peace. , of course, in a room at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. In the middle, it’s almost anything you want, not to be missed by the player. We know, by now, that Everett is a very talented writer. There is nothing and no one to ignore and in this book he is good to Laurellee and Mary Jay, a few American tourists they meet on a train bound for Rome, as are Luise Rainer and Gregory Peck (see also Joan Collins and Christopher Biggins ). But there’s one more thing here, too: stability is a great feeling that can do strange things to all the pictures you have in your head (to be honest, I’ve had pictures of Rupert Everett in my head since form six, when I first saw her in another country).

When he establishes his sincerity – kindness followed by a barber – it makes his story more heartfelt

Either he describes the two steps of Naples, walking in the arena like “old ropes”, or trying to imagine what it’s like to be Wilde’s lazy wife (“Looking at one of the Oscars must have told a thoughtful woman like Constance who went. But where? She must have been For example, I can read Everett on the entertainment scene at the old Venice hotel than any other so-called tourist, even Bruce Chatwin. His biggest deception is that, unlike Leichner’s favorite cosmetics When he begins to show his sincerity – kindness always followed closely by the thief – it only makes his story more heartfelt. (“Syphilis maybe, but in a fun part,” he says, at the end of the moment, just a few minutes before. ‘to go on stage like Wilde in the David Hare drama Judas Kiss, suddenly has the idea that “the whole universe stands in its own way”.)

The day-to-day business of making video can be tedious on the page, all budgets and cranes as well as angry directors of photography. But Everett looks good, solid (sometimes) inadequate as the first-time director – her Wilde’s sad old film, The Happy Prince, was released, a little praise, in 2018 – a shocking cover on her boiling pot “Little Heavenly Gate “. Acting is an impossible result to write without sounding stupid, but somehow, they do. “Sometimes he looks so empty, which I think is very important in the movie,” writes of Edwin Thomas, who plays Wilde’s partner Robbie Ross in the film.

It doesn’t say that to the end of the world it’s funny and ridiculous. But since there are so few people who are planning to be honest businesses as they are on all the roads that no longer love you, the most powerful experiments in this book are meaningless. Everett is old, stubborn, and “the wrong queen”; Hollywood has called itself a turnaround. Does that mean we care about him? Do we see her, at times, as the skin of Norma Desmond? No, it’s not. Although his first job is destructive and pointless, we know he’s good. An empty page will always be his. He is the author of his (painful) bones.

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