Tireless Teibert may stand on prime of Caps report guide this weekend

The writing is still going on

“Maybe there’s something he’s doing well; he works for the team, badge, logo, his constant dedication to the field … maybe that’s what’s important to the team, and maybe that’s why he’s been with the club for so many years.

“In football, he has lost a little. The quality of his passport and keeping the team in hand, has been amazing before the season. Then, in times of change and recovery, come back and help the team in defense, they have a great commitment. And it is important. ”

The criticism they get from fan-lovers, who have no right to sell and are now hopeless, encourages a player who has apparently worked for the preaching work in the area more than one player in Vancouver’s top three teams.

Even the question of what role they play in the group is answered with a slight twist.

“I think I show up every week who I am. I’d better not reveal myself; I’d better give you a picture of who you see Russell Teibert,” Zoom reporters told Friday.

Forced to explain, he grew up explaining in depth.

“In public and in private, everyone has a role to play, and I think you have to be very good at what you do. You can’t try to be someone else, you can’t try to be another player, and you need all the small and all roles (participants) to do well as a team. Because it’s not just one player, it’s not just one minute per game, it’s all the little things combined that give you the opportunity as a team.

“No matter what part you have, no one is more important than the other. Therefore, do your job as best you can, and that is all I can ask of anyone in this group. ”

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Vancouver Whitecaps (7-11-0, Eight West) against LA Galaxy (4-9-3, 12th West)

7:30 pm, Respect Health Sports Park. TV: TSN. Radio: TSN 1040 AM

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