Time Travel, Historic Battles, and Extra! Writer Eilidh Miller Dishes on ‘The Watchers’

Eilidh Miller’s new book “The Watchers” appears this month, and tells you all about “Extras”!

The story is really mixed with fiction as Grace Evans goes back in time to save Euan Cameron in Scotland’s Culloden.

Miller delves into history and history, describing the work of the troubled relationships of Watcher, Grace and Euan, the Battle of Culloden, and many others.

Check out the interviews below, and pre-pre-copy here!

“Supervisors” is a good travel story. Tell us about your old heroine Grace Evans and her role as Supervisor…

I really should start with what the Supervisor is. Observers are the defenders of time and history, protecting the future when war and persecution have been eliminated and a matching group will be established. Supervisors come from six families, known mainly in some parts of the world, and always women. Technology has advanced to the point where there are several instances, and each time the Council – which is leading the new team and overseeing The Watchtower – sees changes that could disrupt peace, the Superintendent is sent back to ensure that history is maintained. to sit. These six women live their entire lives to save every day, and no one knows about this! When an observer dies, his granddaughter takes over the job and continues to do so.

When we first met Grace, she was only Evans Watcher for two years, after her grandmother died, but she is clearly one of the experts in her career, and much of this is the education she received since she was a child … She is a brave, reliable girl who knows what to do. and they believe that they can complete the task, and they do not insist on anything. Meeting such well-known people will not cause her any harm! However, they remain resolute in their determination to avoid the trap of lying to others. They can’t tell anyone what they are doing, which is why it’s so easy to get people out. It’s a lonely life!

Grace goes to 1746 The Culloden War in Scotland, can you teach us a little history of the moment?

Ooh, it’s solid, so I’ll try to keep it as short as possible! There’s a lot going on right now in history and, while it doesn’t seem like a coincidence, it is. The battle of Culloden was the last Jacobite Rising war of 1745 and the last war fought in Britain. It is linked to the Austrian War of Austria, when the British army was far from the Continent. Extremely hot, Rising was instrumental in restoring Stuarts to the British throne after being ousted by William of Orange and Hanover House. The Stuarts were kings of all nations; however, when England decided to get rid of King James, they did not really ask the Scots what they thought on the matter. The Scots, of course, took up the big issue when their king was ousted without them speaking, and immediately there was a group to bring him back.

There were Risings in 1689, 1715, 1719, and finally 1745… By the time of Culloden, Growth had been going on for nine months.… Due to the multiplicity of difficulties and bad decisions, the Scots were broken and lost was the knowledge of family deaths in Scotland . The Highlands and their families will never be the same.

We know that Grace is there to save a man named Euan Cameron. What is their relationship like?

Their relationship is exciting. Euan is broken because of what he knows he should do, and what his thoughts and skills tell him is a coming tragedy. He has been in all the work until now, and then Grace seems to be telling him that he will survive the final battle. The relationship is always hostile and friendly, which confuses the two, and they are very similar, which leads to many conflicts and difficult times when both are fighting for the rules that must be followed by. Euan is fascinated by Grace, who is unlike any other person he has ever met, and because of his higher education than his fellow man, he isolates himself from his peers. Grace fills the show, she is able to speak to him of all kinds, and she jumps casually. He knows if he lets her get too close to being able to talk to him, but at the same time he realizes that it is impossible to ignore him, and the anger makes him very angry. However, Grace finds herself frustrated by Euan’s heat and cold, as well as being confused about why she is upset when it is not possible. At the same time, he is determined to stop her, because if she does not, she will lose her job and know what will happen in the future! It makes him less successful and forces him to make a decision that ultimately changes everything.


Eilidh Miller

You should check Scotland’s history in this book. What does this research need?

The short answer is: more! I really like history, and one of my pets is books / demonstrations that make the story go wrong or deliberately change the “drama.” Honestly, history is fun and full of drama itself! When I was writing the first book, my goal was not to change history to fit my story, but to write my unchanging characters, and I feel I was a success there. I read a lot of books, essays, and academic essays. I looked at the archives and sources starting where I could. I reached out to historians who were settled at the time, and were kind enough to answer all my questions, followed by the following questions whose answers they formulated. I explored funny jokes that no one would believe were not written. I met and talked to Clan Cameron’s current boss while we were drinking tea at Achnacarry Castle, a lovely gentleman who took the time to help me break free. This is the history of his family, after all! This was all part of a trip to Scotland where the “site explored” the place I had written to make sure everything was where I said it and what I wrote was correct. I lived in Achnacarry, the place where Euan lived all his life, that’s why everything I describe is there and you can see it when you visit. I went back to Culloden to see for myself and stand in the woods where Euan and Grace spoke before the war, the exact location, where you could turn and see the blue flag marking the Jacobite lines and where the Cameron group was the same day and where Euan turned to see his boys after call for war to Cameron. It was fun and very painful, and I think this adds to the strong feeling of the book.

This is just the beginning, what would you laugh at in the “Watchtower” series?

Oh, this is just the beginning! Grace and Euan’s adventures take us through history and bring us face-to-face with well-known people and well-known events, but some of the worst truths we don’t like to discuss. As the books go on, we see them grow and grow with them, and we see the change in these two people because of their experiences. All of them are very interesting people both individually and collectively. However, there is much that is not hidden from them about who they are and what they should do. Nothing is visible. There are 13 books in Series One, and they have all been written before, and I have just started working on Part Two. If you are worried that you will get a certain amount of money because you are afraid that the author will not finish, I promise you it will not happen with this!

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