Tibetans with a sound visa can now enter India.

As India opens up to coronavirus and the movement has begun slowly, the Ministry of Interior (MHA) has now allowed Tibetan Departers to return to India from foreign countries and can join in on 107 alternatives of those affected.

The new law comes a few months after it closed the international border announced by the Prime Minister of India on March 23.

In their recent rounds, the MHA allows Tibetans with valid certificates and visa returns to India from foreign countries and it has been reported that returnees can do so if they have registered with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

According to the order from FRRO, “The Return Visa will be returned shortly to enter India. However, if the visa status is valid, they can obtain a new Return Visa from the affected Indian Missions / Posts.”

The law comes after foreign nationals from the USA, UK, Germany and France were allowed to enter India for trade, medical, and employment activities on August 7 and then in August foreign and dependable journalists were allowed to enter.

India has been opening the border slowly but with the exception of countries whose air supply has expired, no other international airlines are allowed to operate. Considering the second wave of coronavirus is expected worldwide, it is best not to allow international flights for several months.

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