Thomas King is comfortable to let his characters do the travelling today

The writing is still going on

“I think my favorite line in the book is when Mimi says: ‘I love you Birds, but sometimes you get tired of me.’ I think in this kind of relationship there is such a possibility. You just make a person tired, “said King, thinking of what Birds like to do and letting go of his” demons “.

The Indians on holiday are a funny, hilarious story that takes into account the importance of history from the smallest connection with the big politics.

The book will be at the forefront of King’s discussions via Zoom with fellow author and journalist Waubgeshig Rice as the two take part in the Vancouver Writers Festival (VWF) on October 24 (6 pm). The festival takes place online on October 19-25.

In the book Bird, the author tells us: “Travels allow us to discover new experiences, to discover new stories to share with family and friends.

Birds adds: “The first hope for the good news of the trip is that something has gone wrong. No one wants to hear about the unsettled time you spent in Istanbul. Even you. Next time, try to do more.”

King laughs a little when reminded of his words.

“It’s true, good travel stories are fun because nothing happens,” he says. “The good news for travel is that when you encounter small disasters.

King says he is always careful with the types of stories. Kind of floating stories and if you listen you can save them and save them for later. Save them for a new job.

King is currently at home working on documenting the Six Dangers of Dangerous Waters.

“The plot is killing me for this,” said King, who admits that making letters is his favorite part. “I started writing mysteries because I needed a different way of settling my thoughts between writing. I like mysteries. If I read it I often read the secrets because it is so easy to get in and out. ”

He also has another book to be published in 2021.

Called Suffering, this new writing project is King’s favorite and has been around for a while.

“I just put it aside because I didn’t really understand it. Then I pick it up and try it again and in my books it probably has a very long time and it’s very wrong, “said King.

King’s work soon appeared on the big screen, as his fictional book The Inconvenient Indian was inspired by the playwright Michelle Latimer – described by King – with the same title. The film won numerous awards at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

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