Third ebook sends former Niagara Falls author Cathy Buchanan again via time once more

As a writer, Cathy Buchanan who lives in Niagara Falls loves to go back in time.

Its origin, “The Day the Waterfalls Remained,” took place at the end of the Niagara Falls century. The sequel, “The Painted Girls,” resumed the 1878 massacre in Paris.

But thanks to his third book, he returns. At this point, it is difficult to determine what is true and what is false. The “Black Lake Girl” (HarperCollins Publishers, p. 320) takes place during a period of pagan rites and devotion in the first century AD. As armed residents approach their home, a girl named Devout fights to save her family.

On the line from his home in Toronto, Buchanan says that while it “releases” the lack of detail and part of the story that historians are investigating, he still wants to be as true to the extent possible. He also hired an archaeologist to bring him to Britain where the case is taking place.

Above all, he went through his gut where people could work in the face of such problems.

“Human nature has not changed much,” he says. “We are all looking for a better life.”

The book was released on October 13, and Buchanan is doing very well in starting small. While previous books have come with travel and social media, the epidemic has led him to promote the book at home and online.

Which is not good for a writer who longs to meet his readers a few months after he finishes writing.

“For me, I agree with this.”

Buchanan says he doesn’t want to avoid these days in his writing, but his interest shifts to history and any story.

“I love doing research and I like to dedicate time and space,” he says, adding that “immersion in culture” was a big part of his childhood. Each year there were long journeys to and from the new cities.

However, as I travel, I often feel like I’m getting off the plane and discovering something new. ”

The practice continues with his next book, which Buchanan says will be included during the Cuban crisis of 1962.

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