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The Steamship Authority is calling for a significant increase in all levels in order to reimburse potential financial losses and budget cuts over the 2021 working period.

At a third court hearing Wednesday morning, SSA treasurer Mark Rozum announced a price change, which includes a 7% increase in almost all car prices. Regular prices can go up $ 4 to $ 6 each way before the season, while high prices on a hot weekend increase to $ 15, from the previous $ 100 to $ 115 on the grape road.

The increase also included a $ 50 annual pay rise as well as an increase of $ 1 per capita, both in the summer and in the off-season. Travel costs can go up between $ 2.50 and $ 3.50 depending on the season, and the cost of airline tickets can also go up.

“Sounds like a sigh,” one of the port council members said after hearing the news.

Rozum said that due to the drop in costs this year and the beginning of the summer, the boat should make $ 8 million at lost prices, about $ 5 million that would need to come the way of the grapevine. The increase in funding is reflected in the $ 112 million budget for 2021 million, which Rozum also submitted Wednesday to the port council.

The full board of directors will take part in the protests at their October 20 meeting. The vote is set for November. If approved, pricing starts on January 1, 2021.

But a Wednesday court hearing on Wednesday served as a prelude to the difficult decisions ahead.

“It is true, month by month, the successful riders who drive this are on the rise,” Rozum told the council.

While price changes are not uncommon, the amount they are planning for this year is much larger than in previous years and reflects the economic downturn that is affecting many businesses as a result of the epidemic. Until this year the SSA has been doing well for black people for sixty years without government and federal government.

But in the face of a $ 15 million deficit following a car crash this spring, sailors have approached lawmakers to help them. A temporary change in the state budget over the course of the summer has helped five port areas in the face of budget deficits this year, leaving the government with a responsibility to compensate for losses – a one-off solution that cannot be repeated.

On Wednesday, Mr Davis and Mr Rozum also said that motorists had collapsed when the vehicles, which had also been lowered from March to May, returned in force after the start of the summer.

“The story we have been seeing here, from the spring, is. . . since we are operating according to the requirements of the vehicle, “said Davis.” And the passengers, whether coming or not, still need to operate the same operation as required by the vehicle. As a result, it is important to look at the example of cars taking a slightly higher price for the job. ”

The 2021 operating budget has been prepared based on the epidemic period that ran from March 1, 2019 to Feb. 29, 2020, and it is expected that passenger riders will be at 90% of those numbers by 2021, while motorists will reach 100 percent. Operating costs are expected to increase by one percent.

“Those are the predictions,” Rozum said. “This is what we will focus on from now until next month in the last month of the budget. If the budget had been included three months ago, the figure, or all these numbers, would have been much smaller. ”

Expenditure of about $ 112 million in 2021 represents a decrease of $ 5.7 million in the 2020 budget, with a loss of nearly $ 1.4 million, followed by a drop in the expected drop to a rise and a halt of traffic at 14 and 19 percent respectively.

Because the SSA typically operates at a cost of $ 7 million, Rozum says the boat has to make about $ 8 million in exchange for revenue, making it a 7% cost overruns. The SSA approved a 4% price increase last year in order to repay other loans, but higher prices have not been raised.

“The biggest thing this year has been the huge loss of public transportation that has reduced car prices in the past,” Davis said. “It’s a little less than we expected last year.”

In addition to the $ 15 increase in high car prices over the weekend and an increase of $ 4 to $ 6 on seasonal rates, summer trips will increase to $ 3.50 and seasonal travel costs will increase to $ 2.50. Prices for the top 10 boxes are up to $ 60, and all cars longer than 20 feet high will see a 7% increase.

Prices for airline bookings will also increase, while a 10-passenger book will cost $ 8 and a 46-passenger book will cost $ 17.

More details are being sought on Nantucket Road.

SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll said the increase would come from seasonal car prices by adding $ 15 one way to Friday, Saturday and Sunday trips for summer. This increase increases the price difference between weekends and endings from $ 10 to $ 20.

“We went above and beyond, because that’s the whole point of the board,” Driscoll said. “The problem is growing.”

Although representatives of the Nantucket port council commented on the impact of rising prices, realizing at one point that it was cheaper to get to Florida than on a quick boat ride, people realized that change was needed.

“Greater backlash growth is important,” said council executive Ed Washburn. “But this is what we are.”

Mr Davis said he was looking forward to seeing public comments from the coastal towns at the time.

“We don’t take this lightly,” he said.

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