The way to spend a winter weekend in Jungfrau, Switzerland

Six best ski resorts in Jungfrau

Whether you are on the verge of a World Cup slope, non-ski activities such as rock climbing, snowboarding and winter hiking trails, or beautiful scenic slopes, the Jungfrau region has it all.

1. Wengen

As far as the ship is concerned, 4,183ft Wengen seems to have been caught in the arms of heaven: watching the giants of the Jungfrau massif as far as the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Favored by British travelers because of its central location, family attraction and skiing style, experts are able to take part in the Lauberhorn World Cup. Reliable snow is a common sight.

2. Lauterbrunnen

Famous for its scenic beauty, waterfalls and adrenalin springs (winter climbing, BASE summer jumps), Lauterbrunnen is located in the valley but gives you access to the train or gondola rides across all restaurants and slopes. Province of Jungfrau. There is also a generous sprinkle of bars, restaurants and lodges.

3. Grindelwald
Grindelwald spreads far and wide on its main road. Although it was not as beautiful at first as Wengen or Mürren, it is still beautiful Alpine, and Eiger’s appearance is invincible. The descent is ideal (several trips between the treeline), and is getting better with the arrival of the new Eiger Express. There are also many sleeping and eating options.

4. Murren

The sweetness of the Alpine cake, the car-free Mürren is a winter dream in Wondland, with beautiful rooms, beautiful views of the Jungfrau massif, and a breath of fresh air. Blue and red dots, black fur (Schilthorn) and casual activities like sledding, snow climbing and winter climbing are all of the best offers here.

5. Gimmelwald

Dinky Gimmelwald is a snowglobe event in winter – much hotter and more touristy than other restaurants. It is a perfect escape, yet the sound of snow coming from the mountains of Mürren and Schilthorn. Its several interiors include the delicious and easy-to-use Esther’s Guesthouse – an upscale, group-style book, with a star-studded roof.

6. Kleine Scheidegg

The lords of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are located above Kleine Scheidegg, a snowmobile at 6,761ft above the water, where you can slide down the highest slopes in the region, except for the World Cup Lauberhorn run; Jungfraujoch is a road trip. Accommodation fills up here during the winter, so it’s best to secure a good future.

Three high-rise restaurants in the mountains

1. Bridgeg food stalls

A northern view of Eiger focuses on the shoulder of this majestic hill, which you can reach the mountains (on the Kleine Scheidegg- Grindelwald piste), and the sled (Eiger Run) or tread down the winter trails. Come share a plate with apple cake during the day, and classics like rösti and fondue at night.

2. Kleine Scheidegg Mountain Range Restaurant

The mountain is home to the breathtaking views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau from its periphery. The menu includes Alpine macaroni and bacon with Grindelwald mountain cheese and goulash. There is a very special outdoor feature.

3. Berggasthaus First

This hill station is built at an altitude for the first time, at 7,220ft. The texture of the stones is hilarious and the food is good, as well as, playing local produce at the time of good food, plate distribution, and Swiss culture such as bachalprösti with fried egg and raclette cheese.

How to do it

Take Eurostar to Paris, then connect with TGVs that arrive in major Swiss cities within three to four hours.

The main airport in the province of Jungfrau and Interlaken, two hours from Zurich Airport and one hour from Bern.

Two rooms from $ 235 at Hotel Eiger; £ 247, at Boutique Hotel Glacier; and £ 117 at Esther’s Guesthouse.

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Published in the supplementary edition of Winter Sports 2020, shared with the Nov / Dec 2020 issue of National Geographic Traveler (UK)

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